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5 Killer SEO Article Tips For Home Internet Business Ideas

Aug 17, 2007
In this article I present 5 killer SEO article tips, which have worked effectively for my own home internet business ideas.

1.Keyword Selection.

As a first SEO article action you have to select the keywords very carefully. They are in the main role in this strategy. As you may know keywords are the words, which the searchers type into the Google search bar when they search the things they are interested in.

The best way is to use your website keywords, because they are targeted and the pre-selling of your SEO article happens exactly about the right topic. I would prefer keywords with Overture demand around 1.000 per month to quarantee that your SEO article will reach the first page position on the Google search results.

2.Research The Competition

You can type the main keyword of SEO article into the Google search bar and research whether there are any SEO articles on the first result page. If there is, it means in principally that also a SEO article can rank well with this keyword.. You can also analyze the keywords and their density and also the other SEO factors.

It is also important to analyze the onpage SEO factors of the first 5 sites of the results. If you will find errors in onpage SEO, the chances of your SEO article will increase dramatically, when you will prepare the article along the decent SEO rules. If there are sub-pages among the top 5 sites, even better.

3.The SEO Rules

Write the selected keywords into the headline, teaser and the bio box of the SEO article plus of course into the body copy so that the keyword density will be around 6 % of all the total words of your SEO article.
You can also use H1 and H2 tags ( sub-headlines ) and write your most important keyword into the H1 tag and the second most important into H2 tag.

You can also write your major keyword once in bold, italic and underlined font. These are the candies for the search engines. If you use weaker keywords, cast them here and there into the body copy.

Because keywords of your home internet business ideas SEO article are normally keyphrases, one working strategy is to build a major keyphrases with 5 words of which you can build several supportive keyphrases and thus find more profitable markets, like: internet home income business opportunity, home income business opportunity, income business opportunity, business opportunity, internet home income business, etc.

Make a list of these keyphrases and use them each with the same density in your home internet business ideas SEO article. Your article has now much better chances to rank high in several search results.

4.The Same Content In The SEO Article, Blog And Webpage

A good idea is to use the same home internet business ideas content in several locations. Some article directories can however penalize you, if you do it in the wrong way. So publish your SEO article first in your blog and webpage, wait for 24 hours, then write around 30 % more and after this submit it to the directories. In this way your home internet business ideas SEO article will be in safe.

5.Use The Submission Software

The marketing of home internet business ideas is a numbers game and that is why the publishing has two targets. To bring targeted visitors and to reach a high search engine ranking. Of course you will get much more visitors, if you will use the submission software, which will publish your SEO article in hundreds or thousands of directories and websites with one click of the mouse.
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