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The Top 4 Easy-To-Implement Strategies of Email Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
I have emphasized time and again that email marketing is the strategy to have in your business. How email marketing can help your sites is to help you monetize them by generating ongoing traffic and increase website conversion rates. Website conversion rate is the percentage of how many of your visitors that tranformed into your customers.

The top 4 strategies you should have in your emails are:

1. A Compelling Headline

Give your emails a title they deserve to get people feel compelled to read on whatever it is you're trying to put across in your email. Use copywrting skills and create a powerful headline that can arouse the curiosity of your subscribers. Basically, the whole point of a compelling headline is that it is the starting point to make your subscribers move on to the next step and that is, reading the content of your email.

2. Great Content

What I mean by great content is not a blow-by-blow account on how good your product is or a lengthy newsletter. Leave content description to be only in your salesletter. What you can do is, like the headline, create an compelling content body of at least minimum of 2 paragraphs and arouse curiostity to your subscribers.

Make them feel as if they're losing out on something that you're benefiting on. Give them free gifts, techniques and advice to gain trust from them so that they would impart their money with you.

3. URL Placement

The placement your URL is important. If you can actually recall, most Internet marketers place their URLs in three different locations. The first location is the starting of the email, in the body copy and after the conclusion.

4. Email Template

Create one email template and stick with it. If you'd like to give newsletters to your subscribers, create a newsletter template and use that template for a very long time. Do not vary your emails often, or else your subscribers might think that you're playing games with them or that you're not serious.

These four easy strategies can be implemented by just anyone. Email marketing has the power to give you recurring traffic, profit and keep your customers updated and keep abreast of things. Make full use of these four techniques because as simple as they are, most Internet marketers tend to make it more complicated than it is by adding more content, changing the template and so on and did they succeed quite well in email marketing? No.
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