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How To Build Internet MLM With Self-Funded Strategy

Aug 17, 2007
More and more savvy internet network marketers realize that MLM self-funded strategy is one effective method of building a successful internet MLM. However, not many people understand how it works or how to get themselves into the program.

As you already know, if you are prospecting lots of people, there is a chance that you'll prospect other active MLM'ers as well.

If these network marketers are looking for a new company to work with, then it's a great opportunity for you. You might be able to sponsor them into your program.

But, what happens if these network marketers are just spying on your prospecting methods or looking for new prospecting tools? Would you be able to make money from these network marketers as well?

The answer is "yes" only if you do it smart.

In my own term, that's the basic idea of how a MLM self-funded strategy should work, which is to make money from prospects regardless if they join your MLM business or not and fund your MLM program by using the profits from your self-funded system.

In the past, MLM experts sell their books, tapes or training materials in the market. People will buy these products and they will be introduced to these experts' MLM programs through these tools. So, regardless if the buyers join their MLM business or not, these MLM experts have already banked in their money with a big smile. Getting people into their MLM programs would now be a bonus.

Of course, they have other strategies in line but what I've described above is one strategy that is now available to everyone, including you. And it gets even better.

With the existence of internet, a few online self-funded systems have been created and here is how the system works.

The self-funded website will have an opt-in webpage which allows your prospect to leave their names and email addresses that you can follow up. At the same time, the self-funded system will also do follow-ups on your behalf and try to sell MLM related tools to them.

If they buy these tools, you'll get commissions as an affiliate, and that's how you generate income even before your prospects join or never join your business. It makes it easier for your prospects to make a one-time purchase rather than committing a monthly fee in your MLM program.

It doesn't stop there because some self-funded systems also provide an option for an upgrade to special MLM training monthly membership. The membership fees are often less than a dollar a day which makes it easier for your prospects to join. If they join, the prospects will get exclusive MLM training and you get a monthly commission from their membership fees.

The commission from selling the membership fees will eventually fund the fees in your main MLM program.

Can you see it?

You can now even generate a monthly residual income with self-funded system alone and pay for your MLM program from its commission.

I've also seen a system which not only sells their tools to the prospects but also mentions your MLM program in their follow up emails.

That's a huge bonus because The self-funded system is now also prospecting for your business. And, I can say this is one extremely effective way to build your MLM business, especially online.
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