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Steps to Becoming a Successful Business Coach

Aug 17, 2007
If you are passionate about helping business owners achieve their maximum potential and make profit, then you can think of becoming a business coach. Business coaches come from all types of background and lifestyles, but they need to posses some common characteristics like love for business and the commitment and passion to make a difference.

There are many business coaches who are never sure about what they are doing. They are either scared that they might not have an answer or the solution to the problems of their clients or they feel that will offer wrong advice. Confidence is one factor that every business coach needs to have. There are some factors that you need to consider, if you want to become a successful business coach:

Listening skills:

There are a number of business coaches who listen to their clients in a waiting for my turn to speak mode. They listen to them with an expression that gives the client the impression that they are bored. So, if you want to become a successful business coach, then you need to work on the inherent listening skills and give your clients your undivided attention. You need to be listening in order to understand how you can solve the problem or what advice could be offered. Try to join forces with them and look for ways in which they can progress.

Being with the client when they need you:

A person can get a lot done, by just knowing that there is someone whom they can hold accountable. They know that the business coach will ask them in the next meeting whether they completed the job or not. You are a successful business coach if you help them discover what is important in their life, by being there when they need your help. It is similar to having a running partner. With the partner by your side, your focus will be on running and you will achieve your goal faster.

Become a sounding board:

If you let your clients talk about the disturbing issues openly, it will surely lend a lot of clarity to you and it will be helpful to you when you advice or offer help. It can be very valuable if you let them discuss what has been on their mind. It always helps to put yourself in your client place and think of how easy it would have been to solve a problem if you had someone to talk to about it.

Become a second head:

This way you might be able to see what they are doing in a new light. There are chances that you might have a completely different perspective that will allow you to identify the blind spots. Some things might seem obvious to you, but will not even occur to them. You may have some different ideas that they might not have even dreamed of.

As a good business coach you also need to:

. Recommit yourself to professional excellence
. Embrace some big challenges
. Recommit yourself to personal excellence
. Expand your reach
. Improve your key relationships
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