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Job Search Myth #7 . . . The Only Jobs Are Known Job Openings!

Aug 17, 2007
This job search myth 7 is probably the most pernicious of all the myths.

Why? Because the common wisdom is that the only jobs available are the ones that are known -- through ads, online services, bulletins and publications, etc. Or even by word of mouth. It seems obvious. A job opening is available. Someone fills the opening.

Well, here's a hard statistic that may be difficult for you to swallow. Virtually 75% of all hires are made from other resources than known job openings! In other words, if you're focusing all your efforts on going after known job openings, you're falling into the job search myth 7 trap. And, more importantly you're missing out on the best jobs.

I know, it may not seem to make sense at first. After all, why would an employer make a hire if there's no job opening. But when you understand the evolution of a job opening in an organization, you can begin to see how this startling statistic makes sense.

Here are the steps an organization goes through leading to a job opening.

1. A need is identified. Could be someone was promoted, retired or let go. Or a new product, program or service is being developed. Maybe there's a market expansion or a new territory opening up.

2. A job description is formalized to respond to the need. The parameters of what it will take to fill the need are laid out and explored. Sometimes it's as simple as finding a replacement for someone who already filled that need.

3. Management approves and the job description is published so that candidates can be sought. Most organizations look internally first before putting out a job opening for public response. They may advertise on line, in print or through agencies and recruiters.

4. Many companies got through the motions of announcing job openings even though they have no intent of really filling them. For example, they may be surveying the field to see what kind of talent is out there. Or they may be investigating compensation levels at rival companies. In some cases they may be trying to discover which of their own employees are looking around.

So, job search myth 7 requires you to look beyond known job openings for the real opportunities. For instance, many job descriptions are customized around the credentials of a particularly desirable candidate. That means you have a unique opportunity to play a creative role in actually shaping the job description. Statistically, this happens more frequently than hiring someone just because he/she fits a predetermined job description.

You won't uncover these great job opportunities by using old-fashioned job search methods. Like relying on your resume or advertised openings or agencies and recruiters. The 21st Century job market requires you to use creative alternative strategies that get you in front of decision-makers without all the resume and job opening hoopla. Then kiss job search myth 7 goodbye!
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