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The Behavioral Coaching Model

Aug 17, 2007
Business coaching today has become integral to the functioning of the business world and now offers very wide and varied opportunities of employment. It is a multi dimensional field that deals with all aspects of business conduct. Modern business coaching lays strong emphasis on the psychological well being and growth of executives and managers, to enhance their performance.

The role of business coaching is to provide a vibrant medium for the creation of a healthy work environment that contributes to the process of learning and business functioning. Psychological competence being a specialized field, the business world depends on the services of qualified business coaches, who are skilled in effecting behavioral change.

Experts with specialized knowledge of diverse psychological methods and the related tools offer behavioral coaching. These experts have high competence levels in using these tools under various working conditions and work settings. In order to be able to understand the psyche of a working individual, it is essential to be closely working with him for some time. This helps to map the behavioral aspects unique to the person, after which the efforts of the coach are directed towards using methods and tools that are designed to help motivate and generate the change in action or performance.

It has been established that change oriented psychological models and techniques are at the top of the list of critical competencies, especially in the present highly knowledge based and cut throat work environment. The expert business coach takes care to employ a variety of methods to include both, theoretical and practical skills that serve to help executives increase their efficiency in performance over a wide range of assignments, including professional development.

These psychological modules intended to augment professional development can be successfully implemented only under the constant supervision of an educator who is professionally qualified and possesses the necessary psychological expertise. This ensures that the required skill sets are provided to executive(s) and the coach is exposed to a learning and development exercise as well. This also makes the coach function within the limits of personal and professional competence.

Corporate clients now consider competency in business-mindedness, psychological mindedness, relationship development, coaching skills based on professional and personal psychology to be the prime criteria to assess a business executive or business coach.

Psychological mindedness in work psychology denotes self-reflection. Knowledge and experience is called business mindedness. Psychological mindedness is the ability of an individual to exercise an in-depth reflection to self-analyze the cause(s) for feelings, thoughts and behavior. The behavioral coaching model envisages personal development of the coach, while achieving crucial coaching skills. A business coach should make sure to eliminate any lack of psychological-mindedness on his part, by acquiring and developing necessary skills in the area before attempting executive coaching. It is firstly the coach who should possess psychological mindedness. Only then would will he be able to inculcate these in the person being coached. A coach deficient in psychological-mindedness focuses only on problem solving and acquisition of hard skills, with little or no regard for the personal issues of those undergoing coaching.
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