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How to Market Your Business Coaching Business

Aug 17, 2007
Business coaching is one of the fastest growing industries today. The mission of a business coach is to help the client to boost the performance of the organization, using proven and innovative strategies and business tactics. This knowledge can be shared via a one-on-one or a long-term coaching relationship with the owner or the key leader of the organization. According to reports, the business failure rate is really high, about 63% in the first 4 years and as high as 91% in the first 10 years of start-up. An estimated 88% of these businesses fail because of management mistakes and difficulties. The need for a business coach, with the knowledge business owners need to stay competitive, as well as to take their business to new heights, is at its greatest.

Business coaches in the present world must actually provide a wide range of professional services. They must also be able and willing to effectively educate the target market segments, before they go about providing their specialized services. This groundwork is essential for all segments of the coaching industry, whether internal coaching staff, external coaches or consultants or service providers providing additional business coaching services.

The new age external business coaches have to be aggressive and very confident. They must have a total confidence in the resources they deliver, as well as in their own ability to effectively sell solutions to the decision makers of the organizations. There is no longer any room for timidity or holding back in the field of professional business coaching. You must be able to quickly and effectively demonstrate what it is that you can bring to the table.

Coaches are initially anything but specific, about the important issues involved and the returns that can be expected. This is the correct approach and you should not even try to be specific. After all, you cannot and should not presume to know what the best solutions are so early in the relationship with an organization.

An initial services proposal should concentrate on enhancing what the client is already engaged in and should definitely not challenge people. It should preferably be cost-effective, as well as have an easily verifiable success record. The sooner you as a coach get the go-ahead from the client to implement a program, the sooner it is that the decision makers will get over the wary and doubtful early stage. All business coaches need time to understand the company culture and internal people dynamics and figure out the various strengths and weaknesses of the people in the management team.

Educating the employees of the organization about coaching generally has quite a dramatic effect on their receptiveness and their acceptance of it. For the success of any kind of change initiative, it is essential that people have an appreciation of what is needed, in order to help make it happen.

It is also advisable to specifically target small to medium business markets, as well as professionals, like doctors or real estate investors and brokers, who own and lead small and medium sized businesses with associates. The small to medium business segment makes up above 90% of the total business coaching market. The effectiveness of business coaching methods is the greatest among business owners and professionals in this segment.
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