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How to Overcome Your Fear of Coaching

Aug 17, 2007
All coaches desire more clients and they know that they need to get in contact with the prospective clients and effectively pitch in. But sometimes, coaches start feeling that it is better to take more coaching classes and do some more research before contacting a particular client.

It always helps to figure out the root cause of the fear of coaching. According to the coaching experts, all human beings are afraid to expose themselves to the public. There are people who feel that if they coach someone, the person might think that the coach is insensitive, selfish or completely useless to him. In this case, it is essential to make that coach understand that at some point in time he might become selfish, insensitive or even useless, as every one is, sometimes, but there are times when they will be the opposite as well. It is better to confront your fears, rather than avoid them.

Change your commitments:

As a coach you need to ask yourself if you have made a commitment to bring about a change in life of other people or you are just committed towards protecting yourself. If you feel that you are protecting yourself, rather than helping others then there are chances that your problem will get solved on its own. If you are committed to protection, you can always create a new commitment to guide your actions. For instance, whenever your fears related to coaching come up, just remind yourself about the commitment you have made to contribute to lives of other people and the actions you need to take, to solve issues.

Share the new commitment with your clients:

If you let other people know about your commitments, it actually empowers you further. The key factor is to be honest with your clients. You, as a coach also need to speak aloud about things that might be holding you back and always be willing to share your fears as well. So there are two important things to remember:

. Creation of a new commitment
. Sharing the commitment with your prospective clients

As a coach even you need some supervision, in order to enhance your services. Supervision provided for coaching is different from the management supervision concept that is prevalent in many companies. Since, there are several people who are hiring coaches for better results and advice, it becomes essential for the coaches to offer good results and deliver their best. Hence, the supervision can provide you the opportunity to reflect on the kind of work you are doing. Almost every organization working in the field of coaching has realized the benefits that coaching supervision can offer.

Organizations like European Mentoring and Coaching Council or the EMCC are involved in the promotion of good quality coaching as well as mentoring. It makes an effort to bring together people who buy coaching, as well as people who offer coaching services for the promotion of quality. People buying coaching or mentoring services gain a certain confidence level, since they know that their coach is being supervised. This means that there will be a control over the quality of the services the coach is providing and every possible area is covered, to ensure best results.
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