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The 5 Things That Could Destroy Your Daycare Business

Aug 17, 2007
It's true, we all make mistakes but most times those mistakes just won't matter. People and children especially tend to be resilient. But there are some mistakes that you can make that will set your small business on a course for disaster. So let's go over these crucial errors that I've seen made and keep them in the back of your mind so that you have not problems in the future.

#1 You have no set curriculum or structure.
If you're looking for quality families and parents who care about their child's development then you want to make sure you have a program that nurtures, educates, and challenges children. Parents are willing to pay you well if they feel you have a great program. You will also have a greater opportunity to increase your enrollment if you have people asking to enroll in your center. A lousy program, watching T.V. not going outside will hurt you in the long run. You'll have problems enrolling children and the children who you do enroll may not want to pay.

#2 You're not licensed and don't abide by state rules.
I got a call last week from a lady who was running an in home daycare with 8 children each day. She was not licensed. What scared me was, what if some type of accident happened and it was found out that she was running an illegal daycare? She could get sued. Daycare licenses and rules are there for your protection (and the families). Again, I say please get a license if you want more than 3 kids in your home it's for your own protection and I don't want to see you get sued.

#3 Your daycare is not safe.
Again this goes hand and hand with having a license. Be absolutely careful and make sure that safety is your number one priority. One example is making sure that all your children are accounted for when going outside and coming inside. Always count heads, you don't want to forget a child. Each day you should be making sure regarding safety. There should be a list of items that need to be checked for safety inside and outside. Things to take into consideration should be objects laying on the ground that could be choked on, or toys that may have broken and pose a choking hazard for children. Always be on the lookout for these things, the simplest little item can pose a risk to a small child.

#4 Not keeping your daycare clean.
An unclean daycare is a daycare with a bad reputation, sick children, sick teachers, and low enrollment. Parents are so well aware of who the good daycares are and who are not. Always realize that your reputation is so important for future business.

#5 Lack of professionalism.
This is an article in itself. But to keep it short don't forget to answer the door, come announced in your PJ's, talk unprofessionally, be opinioned and brash. You get the idea.

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