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How to be an Effective Boss that Your Employees AND Superiors Like

Aug 17, 2007
Being the boss is not always easy. Many employees may spend years dreaming of a time when they will be in position of greater responsibility but when they finally realize this dream, they may find it is difficult to learn how to be an effective boss who their employees and superiors will both respect. It is this delicate balance which causes the most difficulty for new bosses. They must learn to be an effective boss who ensures his subordinates complete all assignments in a quality fashion because this will garner the respect and admiration of his superiors.

However, he must also be a boss who is liked by his subordinates and who knows how to motivate them to achieve greatness so they will produce the results he needs. This article will examine this conundrum and explain how an employee in a managerial position can be an effective boss who is liked by both employees and superiors.

There are a few key qualities which make a boss the type of boss for which employees really strive to succeed. These qualities are honesty, the ability to communicate, an appreciation for the hard work of the employees and the ability to delegate work in a way which is both fair and efficient.

Honesty is critical in the relationship between the boss and his employees. The employees want to know what to expect from their boss and this is not the case if the boss has often been dishonest in the past. Therefore, striving to always follow through on your promises and communicate with your employees honestly will help to earn their respect.

Other aspects which make a boss a good boss are the ability to communicate well, a genuine appreciation for the hard work of the employees and the ability to delegate work fairly and efficiently. Without good communication problems are likely to arise. Employees may be unsure of the boss's expectations or unclear about deadlines and these can lead to critical mistakes which can be damaging to the project goals.

The boss should also know how to show his appreciation for his employees because this validation not only lets the employee know what is expected of him but also motivates the employee to continue to meet and exceed expectations. The appreciation shown to employees can come in a number of different forms including monetary raises or bonuses, promotions or letters of commendation or any other form of gratitude. The final quality which makes a boss valued by the employees is the ability to delegate work in a manner which is not only fair but also efficient. Work related tasks should be given to employees who are qualified to complete these tasks but care should be taken to avoid overworking any particular employee or making an employee feel unneeded.

Finally, a boss has to realize the most important quality which will make him appealing to his superiors. Superiors are interested in the bottom line; therefore, a boss who successfully runs a profitable group will be highly valued by upper management. To achieve this degree of success a boss has to not only be competent and capable to fulfill his duties but also has to be able to motivate and guide his employees. Following the advice for being liked by employees will help a boss to achieve this degree of success in the workplace.
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