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Selecting Best Keywords for Your Marketing Article

Aug 17, 2007
Keywords are the most essential elements of your marketing article. In fact, the entire success of your article, and even your website, would depend on a judicious selection of the keyword. That is why selecting the keyword requires as much investment as writing the article itself.

Let us first understand the fact that writing a marketing article is not at all like writing a high school composition. A marketing article is not where you would quote Shakespeare and Milton and write whatever you may wish (actually you can quote Shakespeare and Milton in a marketing article sometimes, but that's besides the point!) Writing a marketing article requires an altogether different set of skills.

Your keyword is the most decisive factor in the success of your marketing article. This is the phrase which people search often on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Altavista, Ask, Lycos, etc. So when you are writing an article for promotion, you must be very particular about which keyword you want to focus on.

For example, if you have a website pertaining to loans, you might think about writing a few articles on debt consolidation loans. However, your doubt is always: which would be the best keyword to use?

Will your article work better if you use 'debt consolidation loans' in it, or should you use 'debt settlement loans'? In a marketing article, the success depends to a very great extent on which keyword is used in it.

Tools like Overture can provide you free information on which keywords have been searched more often by people in the last one day, or one week or even one month. In the above example itself, you can put both 'debt consolidation loans' and 'debt settlement loans' in the task pane and check.

Overture will tell you exactly which phrase was used how many times in the past one month period. That's how you can decide which keyword will be best for your article.

Just selection of the keyword is not enough. You will also have to be careful about using the keyword several times in one article. Here, the term keyword density is of importance. This refers to the number of times a keyword appears in article, to the total number of words in the article. For a marketing article of about 400 words, it is enough if the keyword appears four times in it.

Generally, the keyword must be present once for every 100 words. But if the keyword density is much high, then search engines could label the article as a spam article and it will be refused from the websites. So you need to know not only which keyword to use, but also how many times you must use it.

The keyword can be very well called as the backbone of your article, as most articles written for the Internet today are search engine optimized. If you are hiring a ghost writer, you must stress upon the importance of using keywords in it. Alternatively, you can yourself prepare list of keywords and instruct the ghost writer to write Internet marketing articles on them.
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