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Things to Do Just Before Submitting Your Marketing Article

Aug 17, 2007
Are you one of those thousands who are trying to promote their websites through article marketing? Perhaps you already have a few articles written and are just on the verge of uploading them to a few article directories.

Well, all the best on your quest and all that, but one moment, Are you completely sure that the articles you have will do the trick? Will they really get people to your website in droves and also bring a few sales? If you are not sure, then read on.

There is a very big difference between an 'article' and a 'marketing article'. Marketing articles are written with a specific purpose of promotion. Hence, there are some special rules that apply to these articles. Here are some of the points that you must check in your article just before submitting:-

(i) Check the keyword density. A good marketing article must have a density of at least 4%. That means, in every hundred words of your article, the keyword must appear once at least. It is okay if it is slightly more frequent than that. But if your article has a very large keyword density, then it becomes useless since Google and the other search engines with bad-mark it as article spam.

(ii) If you have got the article written by a ghostwriter, then you must check for plagiarism. You can use the CopyScape tool for this purpose. Plagiarized articles are given negative marks by Google, etc. and your website will be banned in their search results if this continues for a long time.

(iii) See the word count. Marketing articles should be like promos to a movie; they should reveal the main highlights, but not tell everything in detail. At the same time, they should not test the patience of the reader. A good marketing article will be somewhere around 400 to 600 words in length.

(iv) Check if the language is easy to understand. You might consider putting some bulleted lists to make the article better to read. Also see if the language of the article flows in a natural manner, without abrupt ends or jumps in the points.

(v) Are there any special comments or observations made in the article? If not, be sure to put at least one or two unique points in the article that are your own deductions. If your marketing article does not have anything novel to offer, there is no reason why a reader should visit your website.

(vi) Pay great attention to the resource box at the end. Your bio must be succinct and must tell the reader the exact reason why they should trust you and visit your website. Also, doubly check that the URL to your website mentioned in the resource box is correct.

Once these things are taken care of, the major issues with your marketing article are covered. You can now send your article for posting on the article directories and hope for the best.
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