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Blogging Is Easy and Fun

Aug 17, 2007
One of the newer ways of marketing online now is the blog. There are different ways of going about using blogs for your advertising. First, you can contribute to other people's blogs. And then, of course, you can create your own. Both are very important to blog marketing, and blog marketing is very important for getting your products and services out there.

To begin with, writing on other people's blogs is a great way to get noticed, especially if you're using very popular blogs that rank high in the search engines, as these are the sites that are getting the eyeballs.

When you find a niche that might be profitable, you need to go out there and promote a product or service to the people in that niche so that you can make the most money possible from it, right? Well, there are free and potentially expensive ways to accomplish this, and posting on existing blogs is free and easy. There is also a great service that you can use to post to thousands of active blogs at once called Blog Blast N Cash.

Obviously, you take an interest in articles (or you wouldn't be reading this one), and blogging is very similar. Blogs are a little less formal in how they are written, but otherwise, they are quite a bit like articles- content. You can promote products a bit more directly and even send people straight to your affiliate site since you've already kind of warmed them up a bit. And you can put links directly to your own blogs, which is where you can really make some good money.

Yes, your own blogs are where the real money can be made. There is so much potential with running blogs. They make great Adsense websites, and you can put links to whatever you want, wherever you want because it's your website. You can add a newsletter opt-in form, banner ads (that you can either charge people for or direct customers to your affiliate sites), pictures, fun items, whatever!

Now, there are yet a couple of ways more that you can handle your own blogs. You can either host them yourself on your own server, or you can create them on Blogger and have Google host them.

I suggest the latter, particularly if you're new to blogging. It's easier, and you don't have to purchase domains. There are also a couple of programs that will help you create a whole bunch of blogs on Blogger very quickly and easily. I would suggest the Easy Blogger Generator. Besides, Google always gives preferential treatment to those who use their services. That makes sense, right?

If you want to host your own blogs, Word Press is your best option. Of course, there are advantages to hosting your own blogs. For example, you do not have to adhere to Google's policies; you are your own master. No one will (or can) shut down blogs on your own server. Just keep in mind that if you are trying to use blogs for making money, you don't necessarily have to use the frills that come with Word Press and some of these other programs that may be distracting to a beginner.

I believe that using both hosting methods is the best answer, but start with Blogger first. You will learn a great deal, which will make it easier for you in the long run. There is a website called Super Blogging that has free resources specifically for that purpose. I use it, and I've gotten a great deal from it.

One more really great thing about blogging is that you can blog about anything, and people do. If you are new to a niche and want to learn about it, hit the blogs. They're a great place to find answers to people's questions in the forums, where you will build trust from providing just those sorts of answers, bringing more visitors to your sites and sign-ups up for your lists. Get good at blogging, article marketing, and email advertising, and your business will grow more than you can imagine.
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