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Why Doesn't Everyone Work From Home?

Aug 17, 2007
Truth is computers intimidate most people; the vast majority of the population has a hard time believing money can be made online. They don't understand the concept of selling products online while using search engines to advertise worldwide. Truth is there is a lot of money to be made on the Internet and the average working man or woman can't afford to not take a chance and see what they can do.

Affiliate marketing businesses are probably the simplest form of work at home opportunities that can be started with a couple bucks and the ability to read. There is one downside to this sort of program, these businesses need to be advertised to the max or no sales will be made. Affiliate marketing opportunities work by people buying a product and or services and the person that purchased this product or service then turns around and sells the product or service that he purchased and his sponsor receives a commission. More commonly known as a pyramid scheme. This is one of the best work at home ideas.

Selling on Ebay, is another common home business opportunity. It's a bit tougher to get into but once you make a sale you earn cash on the spot. In this sort of opportunity you control what you do what you sell and when you sell it (not literally you can't sell something on command). Although this seems like a good opportunity it has a lot of bad points the products being sold have to be purchased for less then the selling price. Advertising again comes into to play here but this time there is no handy advertising guide so most people spend a lot more money buying a guide that will work with them.

Selling digital products like E-books and website development products. Another very common form of home business, easy to get into however a guide or several will need to be purchased doing something like this because there is so many easy ways to lose your money on the internet. Using Googles adsense for this type of opportunity is probably the best bet. Just like every other online home based business advertising becomes the biggest issue.

Know what your getting into and don't jump from project to project. Research ideas you have and learn as much about the business before you get into anything. Without first doin the research you'll see that people never stay to one project and they will tend to jump around for a bit until they spend over the amount of money they had planned or they get tired and give up. This is not something you want to do learn from my mistakes and everyone elses and really plan ahead.
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