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Some Expert Tips on Article Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
If you are writing marketing articles, your primary intention should be to grab the attention of the reader and make them visit your website after reading the article. Now this is possible only if your article is so appealing and impressive that the visitor feels he or she will gain something more by visiting the author's own website.

How does one go about making the article appealing and impressive then? Here are some of the interesting expert tips I can give you (all are learnt from my own personal experience in writing marketing articles):-

(i) Always write for a niche market, People who write marketing articles sometimes make the articles so simple that they seem too elementary. Though this may make your article understandable to a wider audience, you must realize that this wide audience is not what you are seeking. If you get thousand hits on your website everyday but less than twenty sales, what's the point? Rather than that, wouldn't you like hits per day, but more than fifty sales.

That's the entire point of writing the marketing article. Write for the people you are wishing to sell your product; and not to the general audience. Think as though you are speaking to a potential buyer of the product, and you will have a winner. Use some technical terms if possible. In short, get the point across through your article that you know your stuff.

(ii) Write an expert author's bio, Most marketing article writes ignore the author's bio and just make a short drift of it when the time comes to upload the article. This is a very wrong way to go about things. Your entire article has spoken about the product; the author's bio is the only place where you have a chance to speak about yourself.

You must certainly use this opportunity to the hilt and put in your maximum in this short bio space. Write your experience in a line or two, tell them what you have which the others may not have. Also, add a picture. That's important. It gives a fantastic personal touch for the reader to know who he or she is dealing with.

(iii) Blend your keywords properly, It has been beaten to death already that keywords must be an important part of your article. But do not put on keywords in every sentence. That jars!

If your article is about 400 words in length, four times is enough. If you use the keyword once for every 100 words, that's more than sufficient. A keyword cluttered article will just turn the visitor off. And yes, make the keyword a part of your sentence, not the sentence a part of your keyword.

(iv) Do not be hype much, Hyping is almost suicide in article marketing and also for the product it is trying to promote. If the visitor clicks the hyped website with great expectations, then there are more chances of dissatisfaction and botching up on a potential sale.

Rather than hyping, you must just tell about the pros and cons of your product. Believe in the intelligence of the reader to discern what's good and bad; don't teach them like a kid. This way you will end up with more realistic hits on your site.

There is so much to tell you about article marketing, but one article is not enough for that. However, if you keep reading on, you are sure to pick some more good tips on the way, and also develop some of your own to write for me!
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