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Stop Giving It Away

Aug 17, 2007
When I moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina one of the many services I needed to find was a new dentist. After interviewing six different dentist, yes I interview dentist, doctors, attorneys, etc. If they can not sell themselves to me, I do not want to give them my money, I picked my new dentist.

The first visit was to evaluating the condition of my teeth. Fortunately there were no problems. The second visit was for cleaning. At the end of the cleaning process, which was performed by the dentist assistant, the dentist came into the room and examined my teeth, and gums. I thought that was a nice added value. The same added value my previous dentist gave me while he himself cleaned my teeth. Made me feel good, that I chose a dentist that cared about me.

At the receptionist counter I was handed the bill for the days services. Periodontal Maintenance (cleaning) -$79.00 and a charge for Periodontal oral evaluation - $27.00. I thought $27.00 for the dentist coming into the room, looking over my teeth and gums, took less than a two minutes. A service my previous dentist did not charge for??? I of course questioned the charge and was told what it was for and that if in the future I chose not to have the evaluation done they would not do it. And they offered to deduct the $27.00 from the bill since I hand not been informed of the charge for the service prior to service being performed.

Well I left a bit miffed then I thought, Wait a second. One of the reasons I chose this dentist was because he was successful. People do not become successful if they are not delivering a good value though good service. My new dentist is more successful than my old dentist. They are both great dentist. The difference is. My new dentist is not afraid to charge for his services.

Are you charging for your services? All the services you deliver to your customers?

Stop thinking, I know some of you are, "I can't do that, the price competition in our market will not allow me to charge extra for the great service I give my customers." You know your market much better than I do. But I have never seen a market where you cannot get paid for your services if you:
1.Give the customers enough reasons to pay you for your extra services.
2.Ask for payment. It's OK to ask for the sale!!

"85% of the interactions between sales people and prospects end without the sales person ever asking for the sale. 85%!" (Retail News by Richard Fenton)

I asked a number of unsuccessful and marginally successful sales people, "Why don't you aggressively ask for the sale?" I received these top 3 replies:
1. "I don't sell by pushing the customer."
2. "In this market you cannot be over aggressive."
3. "The people here are different."

And then, after talking with them for a while I got the truth, "I do not like being rejected."
No one likes rejection. I don't know of any person who likes to hear the word "NO".

It's OK, no it is a must to ask for the sale, because as Hockey player great Wayne Gretzky says,
"You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take."

It is easy to never have the customer say "NO" when asking for the sale. But first let's get two well used practices out of the way, never to be heard of or used again.
#1. The Ostrich, head in the sand salesperson says:
When the customer says "NO" I do not hear them. I do not pay attention to them saying "NO". I ignore it, therefore they do not say it. Well you may not hear them saying "NO", but they are saying it. And they are hearing themselves saying "NO". And once they start saying "NO" they will continue saying "NO".

#2. The Overcomer says: I know how to overcome hearing the word "NO".
Although this self confidence is good, once the customer says "NO" the first time, it is easier for them to continue to say "NO" when you ask for the sale and hard for you to stop them. And why waste valuable selling time trying to overcome a situation you do not have to create in the first place?

Here it is. The 100% Guaranteed technique to never having the customer say or think "NO" when you are asking for the sale:
It's all in the way you ask for the sale. Never give the customer the opportunity to say "NO".
Ask Choice Questions!!!!!!

I like to give my prospects/customers three choice to pick from. It's the old GOOD, BETTER, BESTS selling.
It worked when my grandfather sold from a wagon in the 1700's and it works today. It's simple.
Example: Which would be better for you, to buy the red one, the white one or the blue one. Just replace the words red, white, and blue with three of your products / services. "Which would be better for you, to hire me for a one day sales growth program, a two day program or a three day program?" If you say neither, I will simply give you more choices. No it does not work all the time, but the 90% of the time it does work is a lot more than asking a question the customers says "NO" to.

Don't be afraid to ask to get paid for your products and services.
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