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The UK Energy Experts And Energy Training

Aug 17, 2007
In the UK a domestic energy assessor plays a very prominent role. Due to new national legislation, effective June 1st 2007 each home for sale in England and Wales will be required to get a federal Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) as part of its Home Information Pack (HIP.)

In another two years all rental property will be required to have an EPC as well. 1. 5 million homes are put up for sale in the UK each year, not even taking into account the rental properties. What this says is that a trained DEA will be in high demand.

The National Home Energy Rating, the agency that regulates residential energy compliance, is made up of more than 200 local agencies, more than 130 residential associations, eight energy providers, 900 home builders and 250 architects, surveyors and energy consultants.

The objective of the NHER is to give business and technical support to organizations and persons who wish to improve their homes energy efficiency. These might be home owners, rental community owners, consultants, energy providers or home builders.

The UKs National Energy Services owns and operates the NHER. A subsidiary of the National Energy Foundation, it is a charitable group established in 1988 as fully independent and for the purpose of promoting the conservation of fuel.

Its mission is to provide the kind of assistance that can improve the energy efficiency of all residential UK buildings. The National Energy Services also owns SAVA, the federal agency that trains and assesses every DEA.

The NHER, in conjunction with SAVA, has created an assessment and training program not only for each new energy assessor but also for those who are experienced energy assessors or evaluators and wish to advance to become a certified Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA.)

The training to become a domestic energy assessor is online and classroom based. The training and the assessment program that NHER has developed will qualify each energy assessor for a Level 3 ABBE diploma as a domestic assessor. This qualification is essential for someone who wants to advance even further.

This advanced would be the production of Experienced Practitioner Packages (EPCs.) These are courses that prepare the candidate to fully understand energy rating methodology.

Once the energy assessor is qualified as a DEA, the involvement of the NHER has not ended. The organization also offers an accreditation program as well as its SAVA business network where the assessor can find clients.

For the last 17 years the NHER has been one of the forerunners of the UKs energy efficiency program, and introduced its energy rating program way back in 1990. The training provided for each DEA is rigorous as is the assessment process. The certification as Domestic Energy Assessor instills confidence in the assessors experience and expertise.
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James Copper is a writer for DEA Training who help people become an Energy Assessor by taking a Energy Training Course.
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