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How To Attract Targeted Web Site Traffic When You Start Your Own Internet Income Business

Aug 17, 2007
The basic idea is that your internet income business is run by the information and the information is run by the keywords. Now when you start your own business the primary job is to learn a marketing technique, which will match you. I hope you like writing. The writing skill is more or less a a must, if you want to become, as I hope, a successful internet income business marketer.

It will be an extremely usefull skill, when you will promote your web site, when you are blogging for business, writing forum posts or SEO articles and in building your ecommerce web site.

Now go to the WarriorForum.com, which is the leading internet income business - forum online, sign-in, introduce yourself, read some posts and start writing posts right away. Just do it! Post at least 5 times per day. Do not shame. You are about to start your own business and this particular internet marketing forum is one of your most valuable internet markets. Write, write and start learning immediately.

Read the training lesson of your affiliate program simultaneously ( if you are not yet signed-in, do it NOW in the bottom ), but do not stop posting and reading at the WarriorForum.

You can now concentrate into reading and writing posts about SEO article - topics ( if there is no thread going, start one ). Find out how to write a sexy SEO article to attract "targeted web site traffic", how to do SEO and how and where to submit your SEO article.

As a next step, get your own blog ( blogger.com is free ) and start blogging for your online business using basically the same SEO article in your blog, web site and article directory submissions. However to get the best "targeted web site traffic" - results, insert your SEO article first into your blog and web site, then change the content a little and submit the same SEO article to the article directories but wait some 24 hours before you will do that.

This is the cheapest and most effective way to start your own internet income business, to get "targeted web site traffic" and buying web site customers. It is very important for your motivation, that when you start your own online business you will get results immediately.

As a summary, here are the benefits:

1.You will get "targeted web site traffic" and buying web site customers from the article directories and search engine results.

2.You will start your own internet income business by building awareness and image for your own name ( brand building ). Trust will be important.

3.Maybe the greates benefit of this technique is, that your own internet income business - skills will grow very rapidly. As you know, money will follow.
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Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. Get excited? Find all the best tools and tips for your "targeted web site traffic",start your own internet income business
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