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Like to Travel but Don't Want to Miss Work? Consider a Travel Franchise

Aug 17, 2007
Travel franchises give entrepreneurs the option to invest in work from home franchise opportunities that are both interesting and profitable for prospective businessmen and women, even without a college degree or related experience.

After all, what could be more fulfilling than helping a newlywed bride and groom plan their dream honeymoon or planning that ideal family vacation with an ecstatic father?

Even more appealing, travel franchise income opportunities also give franchisees the chance to get away at a reduced rate. Most often, franchisors in this booming travel industry offer discounted travel to their franchisees, making your payouts all the more attractive.

A Wide Range of Franchise Opportunities

There are many avenues one can take to get involved with travel franchises, including travel agency franchise opportunities, cruise franchise opportunities, and hotel and rental car franchise opportunities. Even touring companies and map publishers offer franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs eager to become part of the exciting travel industry.

How to Choose What's Right for You

The segment you choose may depend on the type of work that most interests you. Perhaps you have always been intrigued by the lodging industry, secretly dreaming of owning a hotel.

If so, you may be interested in knowing that 70 % of hotels in the United States are part of franchises. Or, you may be interested in providing specialized services, such as planning the entire vacation. Many travel agents are so detailed that they offer health-related advice for those taking trips to exotic locations.

Maybe you are looking for a lucrative opportunity for home-based income. If so, you'll be glad to know that many travel franchise opportunities allow you to successfully work from home with an Internet franchise.

Moreover, not only are many travel franchises great prospects for home-based income and discounted vacations, they are a portal into the growing travel industry. In fact, the cruise industry alone is growing at an average of 8.4 % annually and has been America's fastest growing vacation for more than two decades.

With the travel industry strengthening so rapidly, you may be wondering if a franchise business is more beneficial than starting your own business.

Also, if you are interested in mixing work with pleasure, consider an international franchise. This franchise opportunity works well for entrepreneurs who have family members and friends in other countries or even for those who simply love to travel.

Many franchise businesses allow the franchisee to manage most of the work from afar on a regular basis and travel to the location periodically. A hotel franchise in Spain, for example, would allow be perfect for a franchisee who has relatives there. The franchisee would have the opportunity to visit family members, work on-location, and even have a place to lodge, if needed.

A travel-related franchise: the pros and cons

Building a successful business takes a great deal of research, time and in many cases, a fair amount of capital. One of the most important business decisions is where to locate a store. Since many travel franchisees can operate from their home offices and online, you may not have to plan for a location. However, if you must choose a location, consider the surrounding businesses.

For instance, if you plan to open a touring or rental franchise business in Maui, Hawaii, a location right off the beach near a marina would be ideal. Since your customers are on vacation, they are more likely to be spontaneous and adventurous.

For example, a couple on their honeymoon might suddenly decide they have to go scuba diving before their trip is over. Of course, your touring franchise just happens to be only a few feet away.

Fortunately, if you decide to become part of a franchise business, much of the groundwork is already completed. First and foremost, a company offering a franchise for sale is most likely well-established, which translates to brand recognition. Rent-A-Wreck, for example, has national name recognition of over 50 percent and is part of the most stable and profitable sector in its industry.

Customers find comfort in working with a brand name they trust, especially if they are traveling to foreign countries. Travel franchisees reap the benefits of working with a trusted brand.

Many franchisors offer secure client lists, advertising and website development programs, training programs and group inventory in addition to discounted travel. Additionally, you will also benefit from working for a company that more than likely will provide the tools you need to operate a travel franchise.

For instance, in the hotel industry, franchises offer a centralized reservation system for guests. Through this system, if a guest arrives at a franchised hotel without a reservation only to find no vacancy, the hotel clerk can log in to the centralized reservation system and find availability at a nearby location. This is just one example of how a franchise business offers advantages to its franchisees. After all, a franchisor is looking to expand through this opportunity.

Current studies show that 80 % of all franchisees successfully launch their business franchises. When compared to a success rate of only 40 to 60 % for new businesses, a franchise is an obvious choice.

Of course, even building a franchise takes financial investments and valuable time. Before being whisked away by a travel franchise, you should do preliminary research. Take the time to find the franchise business opportunity that fits your needs and helps your professional and financial goals.
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