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Tips on Organizing Your Home Office

Aug 17, 2007
Filing usually passes off as the finest method for organizing all your paper which is otherwise scattered around. The actual secret to a home office filing arrangement is to make it totally trouble-free and uncomplicated to maintain. Things like bills, groundwork, remarks, cut outs of newspapers cut outs, church messages and club notices and magazine articles of your interest, vouchers and all other documents need to be kept in an appropriate place.

It is totally pointless to compile a complicated filing system such as arranging your files in numeric, geographic or chronological orders just like the ones that you see set up in libraries or in record organization values. The most effective way of handling important papers, with least amount of effort and in a simple way, ought to be the most important target of your home office. This basically develops a structure that is practical and efficient.

All the document litter can be incorporated into these five simple groups:
Take Action
Hold for 30 Days
To File

You can visit the local office merchandise store to get an idea on the file, folders and organizers available. You could also check out the hanging folders, colored folders and even go in for binders. It is not compulsory to use the usual office stationary. You could use woven, natural fiber, bamboo cane baskets, as they look very elegant and are practical storage spaces for organizing paper.

Make use of things that appear around the house. Shopping bags might be a good idea as they are large, vibrantly colored and fancy to look at and can store paper of different sizes and shapes. Other than this, you could use whatever you wish, but remember that you will have to stick to a particular paper size, the standard 8 1/2 X 11 sheets, so that they fit in well, without folding at the sides.

You are geared up to begin once you have got all your baskets, file folders and other stationary in place. You will probably have to set one whole day aside to finish the task 100%. The preliminary organizing mission will include staplers, scissors, paper clips, highlighters, a trashcan or a cardboard box etc. Collect all the loose papers that were lying around, that have fallen on the floor, on the desk or in the bookshelves and check out the chairs and wherever else you could possibly find stray paper. Also, do not forget to collect papers from the desk drawers. After doing this, you should arrange them in piles.

You could also consider using the method of Long Term Filing System:

This is one very straightforward method of filing. It is simple to observe and exclusive to the approach you require. The rational and effortless to maintain method is the A-B-C format which is known as the alphabetical system.

You could also utilize several keywords for particular subject, to file documents pertaining to wealth matters, probable market, some places you intend to visit, health / wellness, accounts, miscellaneous reference, projects you are working on at the moment. Projects that you would work on in the future, tension erasers, important information of various web sites, advertising, business tools, business organizations and customers. The use of regular files and folders is the best, as they can store quite a lot of paper. The successful running of your home office largely depends on the way you organize yourself and handle the stationary and other resources.
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