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Why Use Article Marketing?

Aug 17, 2007
To give a very short answer to this question, one could say 'promotion'. That's the basic intention of article marketing. Article marketing is the most viable form of promoting websites and generating both traffic and business on those websites.

In article marketing, the basic tool used for the promotion is simply an article, which is written according to certain specifications. These articles, known as marketing articles, are then put up on various free places on the Internet, so that they can become easily visible to the Internet users.

This is done by making the article rich in words that the average Internet users use for making their searches on the net. Below the marketing article, an author's bio and the URL of their website is invariably provided. This is where the visitor can click and visit if impressed with the marketing article.

In this manner, article marketing quite directly helps the website owner to divert a steady flow of traffic to the website where they are selling some product or service. More traffic easily translates into more sales, and this becomes the way in which article marketing helps in creating an advertisement for the author's website.

Many website owners are using article marketing as their sole method of promotion. This is much cheaper than the other option available to them, i.e. Off-page Search Engine Optimization. In off-page SEO, the website owner exchanges links with other more popular websites, either freely or for a fee. But off-page SEO has many shortcomings when taken in comparison with article marketing.

For one, just a link provided on some other website is not a big draw for a visitor on the website. A mere link means nothing to the intelligent Internet user. However, a link with an article, as is done in article marketing, is certainly a big pull, as it gives a better idea of the quality of the website.

Another reason why article marketing is more popular is that, it is free (assuming that the author writes the article him or herself and does not get it ghostwritten), while off-page SEO may cost to host the owner's website links on another site.

By marketing articles, the author can create a fairly good initial impression in the minds of the reader and tell them what to expect. In this manner, article marketing is certainly a kind of advertising to a niche segment of users. This is much more beneficial, since users within that niche will be more likely to visit the site and buy the product.

Today, article marketing is perceived as the most intelligent form of website promotion, and also the most focused. Website owners who market their websites through informative articles are certainly respected more in the online world.

This is the reason why article marketing has become the most dynamic and popularly-used form of website promotion today. It is a wise investment to do if you have a website which you are planning to make into a global business.
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