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Coping With Family Commitments and Your Home Office

Aug 17, 2007
We all know that looking after a family and increasing your business are both painstaking, full time jobs. There are so many times when your work schedules overlap and you cannot promise that from 6pm to 8am you are totally dedicated to your family and 8am onwards you would revert to the business environment. You have to be prepared for the worst, after you have made up your mind to work from home. The best part is you will have to face many challenges along the way and you might find it stimulating, if you are a fighter in nature and can manage under pressure. A person who lacks confidence might not be able to handle pressure and might break down.

There are some entrepreneurs who experience a number of complexities in trying to keep up the balance between their work and family life. It appears to be quite common to have arguments within the family because there is a very thin line separating the workspace and family space. It becomes very simple for your family members to enter your office and if you have targets to achieve and are under great pressure, it becomes difficult to block the way. Some of your family members could prove to be a nuisance for you by interrupting you every now and then.

There is a time and place for everything, whether your work or your family. You have to set certain rules and regulations and abide by them. It is also very beneficial to lay down certain limits, try not to get too carried away by either work or family as much as possible. However, you must not forget to be aware that flexibility plays an important role in operating a home business. Always keep in mind that flexibility can every now and then be called to order.

Family Matters and you matter too: It is relatively easier to run a home-based business, as you will constantly be calling attention to your boundaries. Always keep in mind that one of the major plus points of working and managing your business at home is that it gives a parent the chance to spend more time with the family.

Working from home makes a positive impact on the upbringing and development stages of a child. The child realizes how hard his parent works and struggles to earn decent money and thus, tends to learn the true value of money. In the past it was found that children who grew up having entrepreneur parents had a tendency to become entrepreneurs themselves.

Working from home is great, but you must draw a line at some point: The main issue with most home based entrepreneurs is that they just cannot make out when to draw a line separating their work from their family. It so happens that many a times the entrepreneur will rush over to the computer after dinner to check e-mail or perhaps do some accounting work or carry out a number of business connected responsibilities, instead of spending quality and much needed time with the family members. State of affairs like this could lead to bitterness and the foundation for family quarrels, causing a lot of discomfort. Even despite the fact that your family members are not at all aware of the kind of pressure you are under, no matter what, always keep in mind that you need your family to support you throughout.
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