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An Overlooked Free Search Engine Traffic Method

Aug 17, 2007
I see a lot of posts in affiliate and internet marketing forums about locating profitable niches. Dominating search engines is still generally the method of choice for driving lots of free targeted traffic to websites. Unique visitors who are interested in what you promote come at a premium nowadays. However, a neat little way to find available niches, that I don't see many people talk about, is this:

There thousands of different ways to see how competitive a niche keyword phrase is, but a lot of these methods are at least somewhat flawed. Many simply look at the total number of results that come up in Google for a search, but that number is highly exaggerated in terms of competitiveness. I know there usually aren't twenty million websites that all have the exact term that I'm usually targeting with my search engine marketing.

Having the keywords in your title tag and your anchor text are probably the two biggest factors in ranking for a phrase. One way to get a clearer vision of how competitive your niche is starts with doing an allinanchor: and an allintitle: search in Google. These will return only the results of the sites that seem to be on the ball and are actually targeting that phrase to drive free targeted visitors in the search engine.

Suppose you're targeting "car insurance" as a keyword. You'd type "allinanchor: car insurance" into Google, then see how many total results are returned. You would then check "allintitle: car insurance" and compare the results for that. It often becomes quite obvious that only a few sites are competing and that the others are there by chance and therefore easily beaten in rankings.

Often you will see that one of the best searched phrases in your niche has not been latched onto by any single site. No title tag will have those words in that order appearing first, which will give you an advantage if you make that the title of your site. It will also often show that even the sites who target that phrase with their on-page factors are neglecting the anchor text on inbound links, opening up an opportunity for you.

You can rank quickly and easily in this fashion in many niches. Bring on the free targeted visitors, because those of us who depend on our traffic for our business to thrive don't like paying for a single visitor.
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