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Delegating for Small Business Owners

Aug 17, 2007
Long time ago I took the attitude that my time was of great worth, and that I just couldn't get done everything that I wanted to do each day. Running any small business or daycare center for that matter is an ambitious pursuit. It will take a great amount of commitment and goal setting on your part. So with all these things to do you must consider on delegating what's important and what's not important.

One of the first questions you must ask yourself is, what do you want? Without this answer you will be unable to move forward in your life. If you don't know what you want than how will you achieve anything or complete any goals. Each day you should wake up in the morning and ask yourself, what do I need to get down today in order to move toward my grand pursuit? All achievements involve steps taken in order to achieve a final goal. For example, opening a daycare center would involve research, planning, and execution of these plans. Without this you wouldn't get anything done.

But the thing you need to take under consideration is you need others to help you so that you can get things done quickly. It has always been my thought that my time is better well spent moving my business forward then being outside and cutting the lawn, or changing diapers for my daycare children. Do I get paid any extra amount for doing these duties? No I don't, but what I do get paid for is developing a new product, or helping other ladies start their own daycare centers. These are things that move me forward in my life and career. So I leave the other things that consume my time up to employees who work for me.

One thing that I have learned over time running my daycare centers is you need to realize what your time is worth and what you really find pleasure in doing. If you don't tell others what your time is worth then they will take advantage of it. For example yesterday the lady who works for me was telling me how her friend called her and she spent 4 hours talking to her on the phone. After this comment she said she did not enjoy the conversation. Sorry folks but that is 4 hours of time lost that you can never get back. So be very protective of your time there are people out there who want to steal from you.

In essence I find being a delegater is so absolutely important. Especially business owners need to realize the importance of their time and what it is worth. Seeing the big picture in your business will allow you to move forward and by pass everyone else who is just sitting around and complaining that they don't have enough time.

The next time your spending hours and hours cleaning, cutting the lawn, cooking ask yourself what your time is worth and what would you rather be doing. Don't forget about that little neighbor boy who would love to make $10.00 and cut your lawn. Seems like a great solution, doesn't it?
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