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Working From Home for Your Family

Aug 17, 2007
The main reason a lot of us work is to provide the best for our families. We go through the toil of everyday office work and pull overtime, then head back home at the end of each long day for some well deserved quality time with our spouse and children, enjoying the fruit of our labors. This is a familiar pattern for all of us.

Unfortunately, this cycle has actually led to quite a few tragedies. Some of us get stressed out and tired from work to the point that when we finally manage to get home, we're too exhausted to spend any real time with our kids. Or other times, our spouse and kids feel neglected because we spend so much time away from home. We slowly become strangers in our own abodes, the one place where we're supposed to find our greatest peace and stability.

This trend has led to quite a few people leaving their secure desk jobs and working from home via the internet. The main point behind this trend is to be able to spend time at home, taking care of your family, yet still earn enough to give them a comfortable lifestyle. Most people still working in corporate circles are afraid of taking this jump, thinking that they won't be able to provide for their families without the benefit of a regular paycheck.

The fact of the matter is, there ARE quite a few people who are unable to sustain a home business. But there are far greater numbers of people who CAN. It's simply a matter of deciding which is right for you.

One advantage of working from home is that it cuts down on the expenses, since you won't be spending for gas or bus fare going to and from work, as well as the cutback on laundry costs since you won't have to pick out a business suit every day. Then, of course, if you get hungry there's always the kitchen. You also get more time to actually do your work, since you don't have anything in the way of travel time, so you can spend as much time as you want on your home business.

Sadly, it is this same increase in freedom and time that becomes the main reason a lot of home businesses fail; without any set deadlines or quotas, or a boss watching over them all the time, some people develop a tendency to slack off, not realizing that their home business IS a business and should be treated as such, professionally.

If you think you can maintain a professional work attitude despite working in shorts and a shirt, and with the beer in the fridge oh so conveniently in reach, then you can go ahead and try a home ebusiness. If you know yourself enough to frankly admit you need someone to crack the whip over your head from time to time, stay with your regular job.

Now, assuming you decide to go into a home business, what do you do? The first thing is to explore your options. Do something you're good at or that you like doing, preferably both. Do research online to see what types of ebusinesses or freelance online jobs fit your profile, and expand your education by taking online courses.

Then, before quitting your day job, check the feasibility of that particular line of work. As the old proverb goes, There's no use selling ice to an Eskimo. If you feel that your ebusiness is something you can handle AND will turn a decent profit, go for it.

One last bit: don't expect overnight results and don't get discouraged when they don't happen. Like any business, momentum is built slowly until word spreads about you and your product/service, and only when it stabilizes can you expect some decent returns. Once you get your ebusiness stable and know it's ins and outs, THEN you'll find that you are spending large amounts of time with your family and giving them the best in life as well. Some people who run their own ebusinesses even pull their spouse and kids into it to help with family bonding, and to teach their kids responsibility.
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