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How To Use A Lead Capture Page To Improve Sales

Aug 17, 2007
Its a proven fact that 9 out of 10 times people will visit your website and never come back to it after they are done looking at it, and its also a fact that people need to see something 5 to 7 times before they join or buy it. If you are not using a lead capture page to promote your business you could be losing out on some serious money.

Using a capture page is a big reason why all these Internet gurus are making big bucks. So lets go over how you can use one to your advantage, and starting putting more money into your pocket.

First what a capture page does not do is that it does not sell people a program or product, and It does not have links on it leading to other web pages. The soul purpose of a lead page is to have the visitor fill in his or her contact information so they can then be place onto your auto responder and get your follow up email message series.

There are also good capture pages, and bad capture pages. A good one will have a conversion rate around 15 to 20 percent, while a bad lead capture page will have a poor conversion rate of 10 percent or below. The higher you conversion rate the more people you will be adding to your email list.

Now this is easier said then done, and it takes a lot work and tweaking to get your lead capture page to convert very well. Some people put pop ups on their page, while others dont. You can also try to offer something free for the visitor entering his or her information into the form.

The main thing though to any lead page is the headline at the top of the site. Most people will look at your site and give it 5 seconds to catch their attention if it does not then they will move on to a new site. So having a catchy headline that draws attention and holds the user there will help increase your conversion rate. Using big bold words to point out the main topics and ideas will also help. One more thing that helps increase conversions is having a picture.

This is how you can setup a lead capture page to help improve your business, and start putting more money into your pocket. With a good converting page you can quickly keep bringing people back to your website which will in return lead to more sales for you.
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