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What Domestic Energy Assessors Do And How You Can Become One

Aug 17, 2007
As a UK-based domestic energy assessor (DEA) you can get lots of assistance and training from the NHER. Part of this help is in the form of software related to your job of issuing Energy Performance Certificates.

The NHER service is online and helps you actually produce the energy performance certificate as part of your job as a DEA. You can access this EPC software from any Web-enabled device.

You can customize it and make it your own as you go about your domestic energy assessor tasks. You can instantly update it, with new energy rating compliance decisions or methodology changes.

The software is based on SAVA and NHER compliance regulations and products. For those domestic energy assessors or assessor candidates who yearn for human contact the NHER is available. Two certification training assessors will be assigned to you while you are training for certification.

One of these domestic energy assessor trainers will be charged with determining if you are competent in both interpersonal and business skills. The other will determine your technical compliance.

The latter would include whether you could act in a domestic energy assessor capacity - in the preparation, inspection for and completion of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for residential dwellings.

This two person assessment and support team will also be responsible for making sure you have all the training and assessment tools to complete the domestic energy assessor training program.

You will be helped in your understanding of the process as well as the skills necessary to thrive in a distance learning environment. Your staying on course as a candidate is what the team is tasked with.

Once the two person assessment team has determined that a DEA candidate is ready to test for the certification, ABBE schedules the exam. Passing the exam is a requirement for the awarding of a DEA certificate.

Prior to the actual exam each DEA candidate will have had a chance to do a practice self test. This will help her or him evaluate the level of knowledge theyve obtained in each of the required DEA competence areas.

While no one is compelled to take the self test they would be foolish not to avail themselves of this helpful examination aid. Identifying of the areas where knowledge of domestic energy assessor practice need improvement is crucial to earning the DEA diploma and certificate.

A career as a DEA is going to become increasingly more lucrative as legislation increases the demand for these certified energy efficiency experts. EPCs will then be commissioned not only by home information pack agencies and other providers, and by real estate agents and the sellers themselves.

Added to the list of those seeking domestic energy assessor professionals will be landlords, local government authorities and property management companies.
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