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Laid Off? Avoid Panic With 8-Step Emergency Preparedness Plan!

Aug 17, 2007
It happens to the best of us. Laid off. The pink slip. The replacement. The downsizing. The firing.

Someday, somehow you may find yourself laid off. Studies show that we will change jobs an average of 7 times over our lifetime . . . whether we like it or not.

There's a secret that can keep you from panicking when you get the ax. In fact, this secret will work for you when you voluntarily decide to change jobs. It's called an emergency preparedness plan!

That means you take the time right now to anticipate that event and have a basic plan of action in place. Here are 8 steps to get you on track right away.

1. Get over it! Sure it stinks. But stop feeling sorry for yourself because you're wasting the energy you need to get a new job.

2. Stop daydreaming. There's no such thing as the perfect job. And it's certainly not going to drop in your lap because you find excuses to stay home and suffer.

3. Review your finances and budget. Figure out how long you can remain unemployed. Getting laid off is not the time to try to make yourself feel better by buying a new car or going on an expensive vacation.

4. Identify your transferable skills. Over the course of your work history you've acquired a lot more than specific job-related skills. You've picked up capabilities and assets that can be transferred into any job. You may be surprised that you're eligible for many more opportunities than you imagined.

5. Explore your options. Armed with your transferable skills take a look at many different work environments and job descriptions you previously may not have thought you were qualified for.

6. Get a part-time job. It can help with your budget. It can provide a temporary opportunity to explore some new directions for you. And it allows you represent yourself as employed . . . always more favorable to hiring decision-makers.

7. Build a "Bio-Action" style resume that focuses the reader on what you bring to the table going forward . . . rather than dwelling on a work history that only shows what you used to do for someone else.

8. Prepare a list of networking contacts . . . people who can advise you, make introductions for you, open doors, serve as referrals, etc.

In short, you want to be ready all the time. An opportunity for a new job or a new career can present itself at any time. And when you're prepared for getting laid off in advance with a success plan you can move the odds dramatically in your favor of find a good, lucrative job, often in a matter of days!
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