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Jobs For Teens Depend On First Impressions!

Aug 17, 2007
Jobs for teens are more than just jobs. They require more than a willingness to work hard. Or showing up on time. They're unique opportunities to discover how to present yourself persuasively!

At some point in your jobs for teens search you'll be meeting face to face with the person who could be your next boss. Except neither of you know it yet. But whether you go on a traditional interview or you meet someone informally FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT!

You've been told how important it is to dress right and speak well. There are plenty of books available which instruct you on the fine points of an interview . . . what to say . . . what not to say.

What they don't tell you is that a fundamental first opinion about you has been formed before you even open your mouth! So, if you're serious about being eligible for the best possible jobs for teens, then you have to present yourself in a way that attracts positive attention.

Here are 5 simple tips that can help you make a good impression and establish a sense of control over the event. Check yourself out on all these aspects when you going to meet your next boss for the first time.

1. The look on your face. It has to been friendly, confident, self-assured . . . and smiling. Remember, it's your responsibility to present yourself in a way that attracts interest and openness.

2. Your voice. Make sure your throat is cleared and you're prepared to speak with authority.

3. Your hands. Sweaty palms are a real turn-off. If you tend to get wet hands when you're nervous, be sure to carry a Kleenex.

4. Shake hands with firmness . . . not like a wimp.

5. Look the decision-maker in the eye. You lose lots of points if you don't know how to establish immediate eye-contact.

Oh sure, what you have to say and how you say it is very important. So is filling out a job application neatly and thoroughly. Or putting together a resume that's attractive and promotional. The bad news is that an employer won't even consider those things or your past experience if your first impression isn't favorable.

In other words, many first meetings or interviews are over before you even have that chance to present yourself because a bad first impression becomes an obstacle you never get past. So, if you're not sure how well you do on these important first impression items, take the time to practice with a friend till you feel assured that you can meet and greet your prospective next boss with confidence.

When fun and good-paying jobs for teens are at stake, first impression is that important!
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