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Dream Job - A Distant Dream Or Can It Be Done?

Aug 17, 2007
Now, it's time to stop...and get thinking and doing something that makes a difference to you, your life and likely the people around you.

Fact - many people really do not like the job they are in and they dream of better. Those hours at the boring desk job where you ponder on the meaning of life - or rather the meaning of your life - can easily be wasted.

You see, most people think of their job as the end of the road and something they can do little about. Oh, of course, they shift from one similar job to another, without making the effort to work out what it is that they really want

But this is not always the case.

There is a growing band of people out there who have seen the bigger picture and risen above the humdrum work life they exist in. They decided that the options of enjoying their career, however risky the challenges ahead, are really worth it - so they have taken steps to move on. And with a little help and personal dedication, you can too.

The limited numbers of people who are radically their job are growing, slowly and surely as they recognise that work is such a large part of their lives that they need to get more from it. And something, anything, makes them sit up and notice, one day, such that they take charge of their own destiny.

So they plot and scheme, take advice and research and find that there can be a plan - a strategy - for them to steadily move forward their working life to one where they truly love what they are doing.

They decide that the time has come to stop moaning about their lot and get on - take action and make the difference for themselves. By taking accountability for their lives and not blaming anyone else.

So, what do you love doing? Whether it's in your job or elsewhere in your life, it doesn't matter. Every clue you can find gives you an idea of what you really want to spend most of your time doing - and there's no better place than in your day job.

Once you find things you get passionate about, you really are on a winner. The alternative is putting up with what you hate and wouldn't wish on anyone. A work life that you dread. And the truth is, that if your heart isn't in it, you won't be good at it either - so a job you don't like gets worse, because you aren't any good at it!

So, finding things you love is a great start. Sometimes it's possible to transform hobbies or simple domestic activities into a job you love. Maybe you love to be in the garden; perhaps it's writing; or maybe time you spend working with underprivileged kids in your spare time. All these and many more can become careers to live and love. Jobs that just don't seem like jobs anymore!

And, you can start small. It could be something you do in your evenings or on a weekend. Maybe if you only work part-time, or shifts, there is space there as well! It's a start - and that's the place to go. Don't worry that it seems a long way from a full-blooded full-time role as yet, take your time grow gradually and the possibility will grow - as will the opportunity.

And doing it this way will mean that you will have less financial concerns to put pressure on you, so it will be easier to gradually integrate more and more, until it's a real job.

A dream job that you've always wanted.
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