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Who Else Wants a Hurricane of Hungry Buyers From eBay

Aug 17, 2007
If you've tried to use eBay in the past to get traffic to your website or better yet build your list and you haven't had much success then you're about to read about a really easy technique that will have your website flooded with visitors, practically breaking down your door wanting to join your email list.

If you haven't set up your eBay "About Me" page then you need to go do that immediately. Go to this eBay webpage and find out exactly what to do to set it up. It only takes a few minutes.

Here's the technique in a nutshell. You're going to give people the opportunity to get your products at a discount if they join your list. All you need to do is make a simple change to each of your listings. You need to put an image or text that's hyperlinked to your "About Me" page. The image or text should say something like, "Click Here to Find Out How You Can Get a Huge Discount On this Product".

Your "About Me" page will tell them that if they go to your site and fill in their name and email address that they'll get a link that will show them where to get all of your products at a discount. It's that simple.

Of course you're going to have to setup your squeeze page and have some decent copy in there. The incentive for them giving you their information is that they will be able to get your product(s) at a discount. Obviously you'll also need to setup a page on your site with links also on your website to all of your products that you're willing to give them at a discount.

You can use PayPal to accept payment for any or all of the products. PayPal has detailed information on how to put "buy" buttons on your website. It's very simple.

If you're thinking that eBay won't allow you to put up a link on your website then think again. They won't allow you to link to your site from your auctions but it's perfectly within their terms of service to put a link in your "About Me" page. It's also perfect acceptable and encouraged to put a link in your listings to your "About Me" page.

That's all their is to it. All you need is a PayPal account and an autoresponder. You can easily setup this technique in under about an hour. The benefits of building your list and getting a ton of traffic to your site with this technique is literally priceless.

Of course you could easily do this without an autoresponder and just get people to your website but the money making power is in the list. Now go out and use this simple technique to generate a hurricane of free traffic to your site and build your list like you never thought possible.
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