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Why is Article Marketing So Effective?

Aug 17, 2007
Most product websites are today using article marketing as their sole tool to promote their websites and their products. Through just this one simple device, these websites are raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more, on an annual basis. And the most intriguing part is; article marketing is one of the cheapest forms of advertising that exists today.

Article marketing has always existed in the world in one form of the other. Even newspapers, right from the time they were invented, have carried articles from companies, with a small byline attached at the bottom giving the contact details of the company. Internet marketing also follows a similar pattern. Here, the author gives a back link to his or her own website in the free marketing article he or she writes for free directories.

So when a visitor lands up at the article through a Google search, there is a very fat chance that that visitor may also visit the product website and actually make a purchase. In this way, article marketing becomes a way of getting some direct sales done.

The prime objective of marketing articles is to attract a horde of visitors to the product site, i.e. to generate traffic to the site. This works at creating awareness of the site and its product, as well as making some nice profits. For this reason, article marketing is looked upon as an essential part of website promotions.

One main reason why article marketing becomes effective is the humongous competition that exists on the Internet. Take any product at random; there will be about a thousand e-commerce websites on it. How, then, are you going to ensure your product gets sold? Simple, write a good marketing article! Everything depends on how much potential the article has in attracting the visitors to your website.

Once you have a winning article, there is all possibility that the person who reads that article will visit your website also, out of curiosity, if nothing else. This is where you can increase your chances of making a sale tremendously.

If your marketing article contains the keyword the visitor is looking out for, it will land among the top searches. In that manner, you can directly take the random visitor to your own home page.

Your potential customer will be able to find out from among thousands of other websites which may perhaps be dealing with the same subject. It is this efficiency of article marketing that has made it so effective in handling promoting websites.
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