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Why Is Following Up With Your Prospects Crucial To Your Online Marketing Success?

Aug 17, 2007
Followup is extremely important to an online home based business; it replaces traditional advertising for business.

Most online businesses that do not followup do not stay in business. Why is this? Because very few people can make a decision on the first exposure to your business.

What is the purpose of following up with your prospects? What it comes down to is that you want people to follow the action that you desire for them.

Did you know that you should contact your prospects at least 3 times to get them to take action? Sometimes as much as 10 times. With online marketing its all about frequency. Setting up a marketing system that enables you to repeatedly contact your prospects can be crucial to your success.

One way to stay in touch with your prospects is by publishing a newsletter. When someone subscribes to my newsletter, Free Advertising Resources I send them a welcome message right away with their free email marketing software download and then followup with the first issue.

I also take the time to write and send out my newsletter every week. That way I remind my subscribers that I am always available to help them with any online marketing questions while also providing valuable information about free advertising resources.

TIP: You should not worry about following up to often if you are providing value to your subscribers. But if you are just asking for a sale, then your subscribers will lose interest rather quickly.

One thing to remember is that your subscribers will spend their money when they are ready and in need of what you are offering. Until then, you should keep reminding them that you are around and available. Just keep providing valuable information while continuing to educate them and when they do have a need they will remember you.

No matter what you do you will lose some subscribers. Keep in mind that if they do unsubscribe then they probably were not going to take any action anyway. Can you think of a better way to improve the quality of your email list?

As soon as possible review your current followup system. How often are you actually following up with your subscribers? Do you have a system in place that allows your prospects to hear from you continually? Is your system automated? Most importantly, are you providing value to your prospects?

There are many ways to increase the responsiveness of your subscribers by following up with them regularly.

1. When someone opts in to your email list send him or her a free gift. You could also send them a series of informative followup emails relating to the newsletter that they subscribed to. I occasionally send out free downloads, such as ebooks, software, etc.

2. Build a relationship with your prospects. Send out emails asking for input. Find out what your prospects or subscribers are interested in and then give it to them, for Free!

3. Focus on helping your prospects or subscribers succeed and not on how much money you can get out of them. Consider yourself a teacher who wants his or hers students to grow and learn from your experience and knowledge.

It is important that you have a dependable automated emailing system in place, with a number of messages already created before they are needed. What good is spending money on acquiring subscribers if you are not prepared to followup with them?

TIP: Your time is very important. We all have a limited number of hours every day. So you must invest your time in those who are truly interested in what you have to offer.

How can you not waste your time?

1. Know what your prospects or subscribers need. Target a specific market and do research. Be prepared before you spend any money on advertising.

2. Ask your prospects to take action. The number one reason for not getting people to take action is because we do not ask!

3. Leverage your time with an automated follow up system. Save your time for valuable tasks and get a system that will allow you to automate your follow up messages.

4. Set specific times to follow up. Following up with your prospects regularly shows your dedication and interest in your business and their success.

By providing plenty of value with an easy to use followup system you can start building relationships with your subscribers consistently and before long your process will start providing interested customers.

Following up is crucial to your success and the great thing about an automated email followup system is that it will keep your business and information in front of your prospects.

Make sure to followup right away and continually and you will build lasting relationships that will help you achieve online marketing success.

Copyright 2007 Joe Rispoli
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