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Tips That Will Help You Have The Best Resume

Aug 17, 2007
A resume is something that advertises you in front of your future boss; think it as a tool that will enhance your qualities and professional appearance. It is very important to know how to create and use that good tool, what mistakes to avoid when creating one and how to make a good impression.

Think about it as a business card, if it's nice and catchy it will attract the client but if it's not the client will throw it away; the same thing goes with your resume. You need to add some originality if you want to get noticed.

Here are a few tips that will help you have a clean and easy to read resume.
When writing about your work experience don't bore the people who will read the resume with a lot of work history; try to insert only the important jobs if they are a lot and limit yourself to a maximum of 15 years work history.

Try to be organized when you are writing your technical knowledge and qualifications; if you write them in an organized way, they will be easy to read and people will spend more time understanding what they mean than figuring out where the sentence ends. You must have noticed that you usually find a text with no paragraphs very hard to read and you even skip on reading it. Think what would happen if people would skip reading your technical knowledge. Also, place it at the beginning of the resume because people get bored easily and when they reach the end their attention is not very high.

Another important thing, probably the most important is proofreading. Never give a resume which has grammar and spelling errors; that resume will not be taken into account.

Don't bother using colored paper or colored writing; one of the reasons is because it looks pretty bad if you want to have a serious resume and another reason is the fact that it will probably be scanned and the pretty resume will never end on the right desk. Use white paper, black writing and keep it as simple as you can; it will be easy to read and will not end up in the garbage.

Try to be short and don't write the story of your life in there; make sure the important professional facts are present and eliminate all the irrelevant words because they will bore the reader. Keep the resume short at most 3 pages for a person who has 20 years of experience and don't try to make a big resume if you only worked for 2 years because people are not stupid, they will probably notice that you tried to fill a lot of space with nonsense.

When creating your resume try to make it as professional as you can, you will look serious and ambitious. Spend a lot of time to proofread it and make sure you checked all the details, including the way it looks. If it's a clean, professional and simple resume it will tell a lot about you and how organized you are.
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