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Make Money Online - 4 Essential Traffic Generating Strategies

Aug 17, 2007
Getting an ever increasing flow of traffic to your online business is the key to growing your enterprise. It will also help you to make money online.

In order to get people to come to your site and buy your product or service, the main things you need to know are who they are, what they want and how to convince them that they should buy your product or service. Only the science of web traffic can do this.

# 1. Locating your site in the search engines

Search engines are the largest source of targeted web traffic there is. The difficult part is persuading them to send this traffic to you. The key to this is choosing the best keywords. These will be words that target on the needs and wants of your customers. Try to find the phrases that will attract the most visitors to your site who will be ready to buy.

In order to get your site listed in the major search engines, have a link from a site that is already listed. When you have a great product to sell, you will easily persuade someone to link with you. To do this check with a good search engine for something that relates to your service or product, then e-mail them asking for a link exchange.

# 2. The benefits of good links

Good links offer dual benefits. Firstly, they enable web traffic to find you when surfing online and secondly they will greatly improve your search engine rankings.

It is a good idea to approach sites that link to your competitors. There is always a good possibility that a site presently linked to the site of a competitor, will also link to you. You will need to ask them and of course agree to link back.

# 3. Using articles to promote your online business

Online articles are a great traffic creation tool for people on a tight budget. Firstly, you need to write an informative article on a subject relating to your product or service, providing a list of tips or explaining how to do something. Include at the bottom of your article how your product or service is relevant to the subject with a link to your web site.

Secondly, distribute your article widely to various online and offline magazines and newletters with relevance to what you have written. A good tip is to send your articles to free online articles sites. There is also software available that will send articles to e-zine editors for you or you can hire a service, which is very inexpensive. An articulate and well informed article will be published by newsletters and magazines and their readers will visit your site and buy your product.

# 4. Use of your signature file

A signature file (or Sig file as it is commonly known) is the few lines of text that is automatically added to the bottom of every e-mail you send. It is a free and simple way to inform people about your web site. They are best kept short to encourage people to visit your site.

Make use of your best keywords and provide a dynamic reason for a reader to visit your web site. Your e-mail program's help section will show you how to set up your signature file. This one method alone can help you make money online.
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