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Article Marketers: Get Your Articles Read With These 5 Hot Tips

Aug 17, 2007
I think it's safe to say that not all article marketers are created equal. Some actually enjoy the article writing process while others only see it as a necessity.

Whatever camp you fall into, I'm sure you'd agree that you want as much readership, exposure and targeted website traffic as is humanly possible. This, after all, is why true article marketers write.

In order to get the maximum readership from each article you write you need to consider a number of things.

Here are 5 tips to make sure your articles get read:

1. Write a "killer" title

The first step in readership is to have your articles found. The search engines put a lot of emphasis on your title text so make sure you spend some time to get this right!

You want to create a title that contains the Primary Keyword Phrase you're optimizing your article for and make your title as interesting as possible.

Think of your title like the headline copy on your website. While you don't have unlimited space, try to think like your "target market" and ask yourself the question... "Does this title make me want to read this title?"

If your answer is, "Yes," you've probably done your job. If it's "No," rewrite it until it piques your interest.

2. Use short paragraphs

Articles which are written in short 2-3 sentence paragraphs are much easier to read, especially if they're read online. Make it easy on your readers and your readership will expand.

3. Use a conversational "voice" when writing

Unless you're writing for a very technical niche, you should write your articles in a conversational "voice" or "tone." Keep your articles professional but write them as you would to a friend.

4. Consider using a numbered or bulleted list

Using a numbered or bulleted list will generally make your articles easier to read and digest. It makes it perfectly clear where the tip or vital piece of information will occur and then delivers it.

This won't always be necessary but it's very well suited to any article which contains a certain amount of tips or even a list of resources relevant to a topic.

5. Distribute your articles as far and wide as possible

In order to gain lots of readership and exposure it's important to distribute your articles as widely as possible.

In addition to submitting to article directories, consider submitting your articles to relevant blog publishers and ezine publishers.

You can also include them in your own blogs and make special "article pages" as additions to your own website.

Getting visitors to your new "article pages" can be very effective because you can get traffic to your site through the "back door."

Once your pages are indexed, you'll find you get visitors to your "article pages" and if you've included a link to your main page you'll get targeted website traffic.

In summary, if you're crafting "killer" titles, writing quality content in a friendly, conversational "voice" and distributing the articles to as many distribution channels as possible, you'll get your articles read.

This is the first hurdle all article marketers face and with just a little effort you'll find the effectiveness of each article you write will skyrocket.
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Kevin Koop is the creator of the "Article Domination Method" and the "Article Writer's Cheat Sheet." If you'd like to increase your Targeted Website Traffic, be sure to visit: http://www.ArticleDomination.com
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