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Television Product Placement Growing

Aug 17, 2007
Branded entertainment (AKA film/TV product placement) is one of the fastest growing sectors within the communications mix, one that is set to grow even faster now that OFCOM (the independent regulator for UK communications industry) are looking into the benefits of deregulating the industry.

The US, where commercial television was born, has long been ahead of the game, featuring branded products and even services for many years. The UK is finally catching up with their US counterparts and with the recent discussions within OFCOM it seems deregulation of product placement within our television sector is somewhat inevitable, giving brands even more opportunities than ever before.

Darryl Collis, Managing Director of leading branded entertainment agency Seesaw Media says, we are being approached more than ever before by brands across all sectors who understand that in order to stay ahead of their competition they need to generate exposure for their business via less expensive non conventional forms, ensuring their key messages are still communicated but to a far wider reaching market.

The BBC recognises the growing demand for realism within their shows and recently made allowances to respond to this requirement, not just by the brands themselves but by their viewers who expect to see real life brands and products on their screens.

Not only is branded entertainment the new PR but brands are beginning to realise this form of marketing is no longer a luxury but almost a necessity. Many companies have cut back on expensive conventional forms of advertising, which are no longer generating the level of return anticipated. Instead brands are repositioning this spend for branded entertainment opportunities, looking at leverage via marketing campaigns which may include sponsorship of movie premiers, POS or on-packaging co-branded campaigns with the film companies, competitions and strategic alliances etc.

Today our broadcast, print and on-line media, as well as our high streets are becoming totally saturated and consumers are becoming smarter and more media savvy. Consumers know when they are being marketed to and do not respond well to conventional forms of advertising.

To convey their message brands need to be smarter than their consumer, but they also need to ensure a streamlined, cohesive approach to all their communications efforts to ensure one unified message resonates across all areas of their business.

In an increasingly media focused world brands that want to survive and prosper must maintain a high level of media exposure and product placement in films and television is undoubtedly one of the best ways any company can achieve this goal.
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Archy Ash writes for Seesaw Media product placement. Specialists in film and tv product placement.
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