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How does Lead Generation Work in Expanding an Online Business?

Aug 17, 2007
What is Lead Generation?

In business marketing parlance, leads are information about potential customers for any product, whether it is an online business or an offline business. A lead could be the email id of the potential buyer, or their telephone number or any such information, through which communication can be followed up with them. Any process that is made to disseminate information from the lead on the part of the business is called as generation.

Basic Assumptions of the Effectiveness of Lead Generation

One of the most important assumptions of any business is that there are always buyers for a particular product, but there needs to be sufficient communication with those buyers in order to get them to actually make the purchase. Potential buyers may not be able to make a purchase owing to the following factors:-

(i) They may not know about the existence of the product.
(ii) They may know the product, but not have enough information to consider a purchase.
(iii) They may be constrained by time or place factor in making the purchase.

Lead generation tries to pinpoint such customers and resolve the barrier that is built up by the lack of communication. The assumption made here is, if sufficient information about the product is given to the interested buyer at the right time, then a purchase is guaranteed. And there are always interested buyers, which lead generation can reveal.

Online Lead Generation Companies

There are many companies that provide leads to online business websites. Such companies can gather leads by sharing information on customers with other companies, or by buying that information.

These leads are then provided to the business website. The lead generation company may or may not follow up the lead, depending on whether that service is needed by the business website or not.

Once the leads are followed up, the website may share these leads with another website, or sell the used leads to them. This gives rise to the concept of MLM, or multilevel marketing. MLM helps companies to boost the number of leads they have, which directly translates into a higher number of sales.

Call centers are good sources for lead generation. Reputed call centers have lists of the leads of several companies, which they can sell over to each other.

In most cases, the lead taken from a call center is a focused lead, as in most cases, the person called by a call center is already a purchaser or an interested purchaser of a similar product.

Online companies find leads very valuable in expanding their businesses. Once the leads are obtained, they are followed up through emails or even through the telephone, depending on what information is contained in the lead.

Thus, a company stands to improve its business by generating leads and then following them up till they make a purchase.
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