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5 Trust Factors For The Internet Home Business

Aug 17, 2007
The target is to upgrade the relationship into trust and it happens through many contacts with the target person. It is easy, just set yourself into the role of the customer or prospect. Below are the points I see important in the trust building.

1. A Marketer Must Tell The Truth.

Lying is the worst an internet marketer can do, because then he will lose the contact maybe for ever. The golden rule sounds: Truth Well Told. A marketer can exaggerate slightly but not that much that the target person see it as a lie.

The internet home business market is full of hype. This fact is a great opportunity. By telling the truth and selecting an honest working style, an entrepreneur will build a lasting customer trust and a great brand.

2. A Marketer Must Be Reliable.

The real actions are which matter in the internet home business. A marketer does wisely, if he will promise only those things and with that copystyle, which he can and is willing to deliver.

The nature of the internet is quickness. The customers and prospects wait the answer from the marketer rather in minutes than in hours. The copystyle in the emails has to be reliable, professional and ready to help. The receiver must feel that the marketer honestly tries to help him. It is also very important to contact the customer after he has bought a product and ask whether he needs something. The personal touch and care are appreciated.

3. A Marketer Has To Be Interested About The Customer Long Term.

The repeat sales are the best sales in the internet home business. The customers buy again, if they have good experiences about the service and if they have learnt to trust the marketer. This requires that they know, who is the entrepreneur and that requires that the marketer is in constant contact with emails, articles and newsletters. The trust is a feeling, which is almost impossible to build quickly.

4. A Marketer Must Serv His Customers And Prospects.

The personal service is the best way to power the marketing of the internet home business. It is also the most effective method to build trust and the brand name. And what is best, no one can copy it!
The best way to decide what is a good service is to set yourself in the trousers of the customer.

A marketer has to take an honest responsibilty of the relationship and to avoid betraying. The marketer has to think that every single customer relationship is a life long friendship.

5. A Marketer Must Be Persevere.

All bad habit are very easy to learn but they are difficult to live with. It is said that anything valuable will not happen rapidly, but when it happens finally, it will bring good results during a long time. This is especially true with the trust building. Build a trust and you will succeed forever in the internet home business!
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