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The Yahoo Directory. No Service - No Pay! Its Time to Make a Stand

Aug 17, 2007
Is it arrogance or poor business practice? I don't know, but I do know that when you pay for something and 299 dollars is not chicken feed, you expect a little service.

When I first set up my website the first thing I found out when it came to SEO was that you needed to submit your site to the Yahoo Directory and dmoz.org. These were supposedly the listings you had to have if you wanted to get high rankings on the major search engines.

So I duly submitted my listing paying the 299.00 fee and surely enough seven days later I was listed. Job done, great. I was on my way to that elusive Page 1 ranking.

As my business grew and I began to achieve that Page 1 ranking I was aiming for the description and listing I had with Yahoo Directory had become limited. My business had grown geographically as well as expanding in terms of product.

I wanted to change my listing and description to match and reflect my successful growing business.
Needless to say and I know you have probably read a thousand complaints similar to mine, I got nowhere. You fill out the form to request a change and wait and wait but nothing happens.
You do not even get an auto respond e-mail to say that Yahoo have received your request and there will be a delay because of the volume of people requesting a change.

You get nothing.

Well enough is enough. I am not going to pay for something and get nothing in return. They are quick enough to take your money and get you listed in seven days. Maybe all the staff at Yahoo Directory do all day is count their money and list new sites.

I have cancelled my Yahoo Directory listing. I did it over a month ago and yes you guessed it, they still have not gotten around to removing it yet!

When they do remove it I am hoping it will not affect my Page 1 status on Google. I have heard rumours they were taking its relevance out of their algorithm. We shall see.

I do urge all those of you who are not satisfied with the NO SERVICE policy to make a stand and refuse to pay. Its time to stop being bullied into making a payment for something that provides no service.
They say the internet can move mountains. Here is a mountain that needs leveling for its complacency.
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Neil Ebsworth is co-founder of AMLASpain. The Spanish Property MLS. and SEO real estate Services Company
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