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How Article Marketing Can Help An Offline Business

Aug 17, 2007
The most common and prevalent perception of article marketing is that it can be used to promote an online business to a very effective degree. It is undeniably true that article marketing can bring traffic to a website like nothing else can, and that could mean good businesses, but it is also true that you can use article marketing to boost your offline business. This is how you can make the method work.

When you submit articles to a directory, you are allowed to put a back link of your own website below the articles. This means, when a person stumbles upon that article through a search engine, there is a very high probability that the person will visit your website also, if your article is even halfway interesting to them.

Visiting your website is the primary step in the direction of having a sale secured. This is the way in which online businesses thrive. They use article marketing as a very important tool in their promotion.

Now consider your offline business. Most people who have an online business also have an offline business, and vice-versa. You can actually use article marketing to multiply your offline businesses too. The following are some tips and pointers on how to go about this task:-

(i) First and foremost you should develop a website. Your website should be informative and should pertain to the product that you are selling offline. You are not selling on the website itself, but you must have a good website of your own if you need to use article marketing for your offline business.

(ii) Then write several promotional articles about your product. You must be sure to use the keyword pertaining to your offline business. If you have a business of providing window cleaning services in Miami, then you must use 'Miami window cleaning services' as your keyword. Use this keyword a number of times in your articles. The equation is thus, for every hundred words of content, use the keyword once.

(iii) Submit these articles to the ezines and online directories. When someone will be searching for window cleaning services in Miami, they will certainly find your article, and thus your website. Your website will be your advertisement. It will have your contact information and in all likelihood that person will call upon you for your services.

This is the way in which article marketing can actually help you in your offline business, and not just your online business. By article marketing, you demonstrate that you know the product fully well, and are pitted against some competitors on the websites. This can certainly bring more business to you, since you prove that you know your job well.
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