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The Truth About Adwords and All Pay Per Click Advertising!

Aug 17, 2007
This is actually the truth about all Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising like Google Adwords

Yes, I am going to tell you what a lot of people haven't told you yet!

* It is true that Pay Per Click advertising is a great way to get instant traffic to your site.

* It is true that Pay Per Click advertising can increase your sales over night.

* It is true that you can make money working as an affiliate with Pay Per Click Adverting and you don't even need your own website.

* But the most important thing you need to know is MOST PEOPLE LOOSE MONEY using Pay Per Click Advertising.

The main reason for this is because they jump into it without really knowing what they are doing.

Imagine if you have never seen a car in your life and then some one tells you about them.

You jump into the car and start driving, do you think you would be successful the first time you tried?

OK, so you are one of the ones that says, "Yes, it is easy, I would be successful the first time!" This might even be true for some people but now let's change that car to a jet fighter or the space shuttle. Do, you still think you would be successful the first time?

Probably not.

Adwords and other Pay Per Click advertising is just like this. If you spend some time learning how to use it your chances of success will greatly increase. If you just jump in you will probably crash.

Google Adwords is especially complex. Not because it is hard to use, you can sign up today and have your ads running in minutes. But to use it right you need to learn about all the tools in your account.

* How to do split testing!

* How to read your statistics!

* The different type of campaigns you can run!

* How to track your conversions!

* How to find the right keywords!

It sounds like a lot but if you don't know these things you will probably be loosing money on your campaigns.

Believe it or not you can actually do all of these items with the tools built right into Google Adwords. Yes, they give you all the tools you need but you have to figure out how to use them before they will give you the results you are looking for.

Before you get into any type of Pay Per Click advertising or any paid advertising you should do some research on the subject. Just like you should do some research on driving a car before you jump behind the wheel.

There are lots of free and paid tools and courses available to help you run your Pay Per Click or Adwords campaigns. Use them, believe me the time you spend studying will be saved in both time and money in the long run.

Another key thing to note when you start using Adwords or any Pay Per Click it that it works much better if you are targeting a non Internet Marketing / non money making niche, especially for affiliate programs.

In other words you stand a much better chance of creating profits if you are promoting a hair care product then a product that will show you how to make a million dollars online.
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Randy "The Hermit" Baustert has been helping people get their businesses online since 1999. He is the number one ranked search engine expert as ranked by www.ExpertRating.com and has even more information on Adwords at his site www.adwords.startingsteps.com
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