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How SEO Can Help To Build Your Own Lead Generation Website

Aug 17, 2007
Every company needs leads to sell their products. Whether they are doing it actively or not, lead generation is the focal point of attracting customers and trying to get the product sold.

If you have a product, you need to take that product to the interested buyer, or the product will certainly remain unsold. To cut a long story short, you need to generate qualified leads that could help you to sell your product.

One of the best ways of lead generation today is to have a website related to the product you are planning to sell. This is a very good way of generating some quality leads, and the best part is, if your website is designed well, it can work on autopilot for you, and generate several leads in a day. All you will have to do then will be to follow up with the leads your website has generated.

There are just a few things you will need to be wary about from the start, though. Or else, you will have a website that would do nothing for your business at all.

The first thing you must be sure of, is that your website must be highly attractive. There is always competition in every business. So, if your website does not seduce the buyer, the whole exercise will be a futile waste. These are some things you must do to make your website attractive:-

(i) Hire a good web designer and make a professional website. Avoid homemade websites made with the web designing tools. These may be easy to make, but they are always amateurish, and you can well understand how detrimental they will be to your product.

(ii) Use good content on your website about the product. By good, I mean useful and informative. By reading the leading articles on your website, people visiting the site must understand that you know what you are talking about.

(iii) Use one-click technology on your website to take the visitor directly to the buying page if they want to make a purchase. A cumbersome buying process will surely wear the visitor off.

Now, once your website is ready, you are also ready to generate a few leads. You will have to get some very good promotional articles written about your product. You can do this yourself, or you can hire a freelance writer to do the job for you. These articles should be search engine optimized, i.e. they should be keyword rich. You can find out on keyword search tools what keywords people are looking out for on the Internet.

Submit these articles to the article directories. Do several submissions in a day. Below each article, give a back link to your website and write a short bio about yourself and your business.

When someone searches the Internet with that keyword the next time, your keyword-rich promotional article will surely appear on the first few pages of the search website. This will lead the person to your website. Your attractive website and its content will hold the visitor's interest.

On your website, you must provide something free, like a newsletter, and to subscribe to it, you must ask contact details of the visitor like their email id. Something free always attracts customers, and they will mention their id, with your assurance that it will be kept safe and not sold to other companies. This is how you can get your leads.

By following this simple tactic, you can generate several leads per day. If you keep submitting better articles to the article directors, you will get fresh leads everyday. This is an almost automatic online process to get lead generation.

But, you must remember that just getting leads is not enough. You will also have to follow up with your visitors. Try making interesting offers to them via the newsletter you will be sending them, or send them direct emails telling about your product. In general, you have to build up the interest of the person in your product and try to close your sales with them.
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