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MLM Training - How To Confirm Appointments With Your MLM Prospects - Hot Prospecting Tip #4

Aug 17, 2007
So you've taken all the necessary steps to find out what a prospect wants/needs or doesn't want in life. You know your MLM business or product can help them get what they want, so you invite them to do something, see something or hear something that will give them more information about your MLM business.

Sometimes what you invite them to do requires YOUR PROSPECT to be at a specific location at a specific time for some event - whether by phone (conference call) or a physical location (hotel meeting room). And, sometimes YOU need to be at a specific location at a specific time to meet the prospect.

For this prospect to get what they want they first need to hear or see this event, therefore you want to ensure it hasn't slipped their mind or that you've not forgotten some important detail. Also, for your planning purposes it would be nice for you to know whether they're going to be at the event at the appointed time. So you call to confirm the appointment. When do you do that and what do you say? Read on:

The word confirm means: make something definite; to make certain that a tentative arrangement or one made earlier is firm.

Again, the reasons you confirm an appointment are:

1. To ensure your prospect gets what they need/want.

2. To ensure that the event didn't slip the prospect's mind.

3. So you are certain they know all the details about where to be and at what time. This could include dress code, specific meeting location, fees that might be associated, etc.

4. So that you can plan and have a correct estimation of products and supplies with you.

Confirming the appointment will help you accomplish each of the four items.

Personally, I like to confirm the appointment the night before. I primarily like this time as it gives the prospect enough time to plan or reschedule accordingly.

The best time to call them to confirm is really dependent on when you know you can reach them. Whether that's at 4:40 pm before they leave the office for the day, or at 8:30 pm just depends on when you know you can reach them.

If you have an appointment in the morning, then it's best to call the day before near the end of the day(around 4-5 pm). If you have an evening appointment, I suggest you call the evening of the night before.

When you reach your prospect, I DON'T recommend you say, Are you going to be there??

Instead, I like to give some small extra detail in my confirmation call. My two favorite points of reminder are dress code and location. You should give the exact location you are going to meet like, At the front door at...And dress code is an easy one, let them know what you will be wearing. You can say something like, By the way I'm coming from a meeting, so I'm going to be in dressy/casual clothes.

I don't suggest you say something that insults your prospect's ability to remember. So don't say, I just wanted to remind you in case you forgot.

Following these simple suggestions will help you achieve MLM success in two ways. First, you'll come across as a real professional to your prospect and secondly, you set yourself up to maximize the number of prospects who will attend an MLM business meeting or listen in on a conference call.
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