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Here Is One Article Marketing Tip That Works If You Do It Right

Aug 17, 2007
Here is a article marketing tip using article directories and social directories that works when you work it right. What I am talking about is using articles to market online and get traffic back to your blog or website. If you really do it right you will start getting traffic to pages other than the home page your promote as well

Do you have Google Adsense on your site? Have you noticed you will have days where your income is very good and then the next day it is bad. Then it will go back up for a couple of days and so on. What is neat is how your income will go up after you write and submit an article to various directories using ArticleMarketer or even doing it by hand.

If you look at your traffic stats you will know when your articles get published because your traffic will increase and then if you are not writing and submitting it will go back down again.

Online marketing comes in many different sizes and shapes so to speak. You can buy traffic and get it immediately. The minute you stop spending money the traffic stops. You can use free marketing methods and waste your time on many of those. Article marketing is one form on Internet marketing that can pay off for years to come.

The correct article internet marketing strategy means doing the basics. Your article needs a keyword rich title, your keyword in the intro and closing paragraphs, and mentioned one time in the body somewhere. Other than that a really good quality article is one that is informative and entertaining.

One last thing on your article. What really makes it a marketing piece is adding a resource or bio box to the end. This should include they keyword of your article hyper linked to a web page or blog page. It should not always point back to your home page. Mix it up and the search engines will reward you with traffic to all of your pages and not just your main website home page.

Social marketing is a fairly new idea that is taking the internet by storm This is another way to market your business with articles. You write and post your article in a blog. This is a fast way to get your articles online and hopefully get some traffic back to your blog if you have a good title and well written piece.

This article marketing tip works because your articles do a great job of getting you more traffic when you are writing quality articles and submitting them to the best directories everyday. Your visitors are coming to your site via all kinds of pages besides just your home page.

Then turn around and do it again tomorrow and the day after to create a lifelong stream of traffic thanks to your hard work and quality articles.
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