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You Need More Than Google to Generate Web Site Traffic: Here's How Part 2

Aug 17, 2007
Media exposure can be defined as a promotion and publicity for the online success of your company. Media exposure of all kinds is one way you can boost your Web presence and increase the amount of Web site traffic. You need to make the media work for you. As a result, customers can easily find you, learn to trust you and your product, and keep coming back to your Web site for repeat sales. This, in turn, develops loyal customers. Your potential and existing customers are only going to buy products and services from a business they feel is trustworthy. To earn that trust and reliance, you have to make the most of media exposure. Doing so will build your credibility and ensure a secure position for your business as an expert in your target market. What works best is a combination of effective offline and online publicity and public relations geared toward affirming your corporate trustworthiness, reliability, and credibility.

The more positive your public profile, the more success you will have, both online and offline. This relates back to gaining credibility with the public and customers. Your public profile is your trademark for success and profits. Just as important, your online profile and business rating is critically important to how customers perceive you. Your local and state Better Business Bureaus are great organizations to join and obtain positive ratings. Other online business profile ratings services worth considering are www.resellerratings.com, www.epinions.com, and www.consumerreports.org.

Here are a few more tips to help you generate Web site traffic:

* Create What is New or New Products page. Site visitors like to see what is new, trendy, or just released. Make it easy for them;

* Establish a promotion program. The sky is the limit for promotions. You can offer free products, trial samples, or discount coupons. Everyone loves a bargain, so give it to them;

* Add content-relevant professional articles, news events, press releases, or other topics of interest on a daily basis to draw visitors back to your site;

* Include your Web site URL on EVERYTHING (business cards, letterheads, promotional items, e-mails, etc.);

* Put your URL into your email signature so you are constantly advertising your website;

* Put your Web site URL on your business card;

* Write free articles and submit them to other newsletters;

* Create an exciting contest on your website to draw in traffic. Free items and exciting contests are extremely popular and very appealing;

* List your URL on all offline advertising and printed materials (i.e. stationary, print advertisements).

When developing your marketing strategy to promote your Web site and business, take the time to promote yourself through a variety of media outlets. Increasing visibility in search engines such as Google and Yahoo is critical. Also important is a well-rounded marketing campaign that promotes your business and Web site through various marketing techniques.
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Atlantic Publishing - Bruce Brown is author of How to Use the Internet to Advertise, Promote and Market Your Business or Web Site With Little or No Money and The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Marketing: Pay Per Click Advertising Secrets Revealed, available at http://www.atlantic-pub.com.
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