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How To launch Your Own Web Hosting Business

Aug 17, 2007
While it is true that everybody with any online presence requires a web host and therefore demand has got be high, it is also true that many have tried to launch a successful hosting business and have ended up failing miserably. So the question is what usually goes wrong?

Actually, to successfully launch a web hosting business, you must have an effective strategy, which is what this article will help you formulate.

If You Don't Have Clients You Certainly Don't Have A Hosting Business.

There are many ways to launch a hosting business, but the easiest is to join an affiliate program where you can concentrate on getting clients and leave all the other numerous technical details to be taken care of by others. This is what I would recommend for somebody starting out in the web hosting business.

The reason is simple. You will get to learn the hardest part of the business, which is landing clients. Once you have mastered this aspect of the business, you can confidently go ahead and launch your fully fledged hosting set up with confidence knowing that you have the ability to land clients pronto, anytime you wish.

Start Your Hosting Business With A Blog.

Blogs are amazing and can be used very effectively in generating traffic and business for anything you can care to think of including your affiliate web hosting site. For starters blogs tend to rank better than sites in search engine results. The simple reason is that search engines are always looking for plenty of quality content and blogs tend to have lots of this.

To generate the content for your blog, you will need to focus on common problems people face from their web hosts and suggest good workable solutions. Then place your link to your hosting affiliate sign up page at appropriate places. It is important that you carefully research the keywords that you are going to use for your blog content and anchor text for links because this will impact on your SEO success.

Then, to further boost your blog traffic, rewrite your content and also post them at popular high traffic article directories. Each article should have links pointing back to your blog. The effect of this, apart from giving you traffic will be to enhance your ranking with leading search engines for the keywords that you will choose to use.

The Most Important Marketing For Any Web Hosting Business.

Right from the beginning it is of utmost importance that you create a system for harvesting email addresses from your regular visitors to your blog and affiliate site. The way to do this is to offer a regular email newsletter or ezine that will be of great interest to your audience. Naturally your weekly ezine should go out with links to the latest articles at your blog.

Not only will this enable you to retain a steady flow of clients, but the hosting business is such that most people will not sign up immediately but will need to be constantly reminded of your business until that inevitable time when they will need to sign up with a new web host. There is no better way of staying in touch with your prospects than through an interesting ezine emailed out regularly.

Using the simple strategy suggested in this article, you should be able to build a huge profitable hosting business within no time, even as you continue to learn other methods to market and promote such a business successfully.
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