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MLM Success Through Building Your Opt In Email List

Aug 17, 2007
This article will help your MLM and network marketing business by outlining how building your opt-in email lists can increase your profits. Your opt in email list could possibly be the most lucrative way to increase your profits with your network marketing and MLM business online.

How An Opt In List Can Make Network Marketers Money

There are so many benefits to having and using an opt in email list. These people may be past customers who will be more likely to return and purchase more from you just because you are sending them an email newsletter. You should send a newsletter at least once a week to your opt in email subscribers. There are many programs and online services that you can use for free to send weekly newsletter to your opt in email subscribers. When these subscribers receive your email newsletter they are reminded that your business is still there. They should be encouraged to visit your website or websites again in each newsletter.

People use the Internet mostly to learn new things, to find good resources, and to buy online. Purchasing products and services online is easier, more convenient, and often times less expensive than going out to a physical store to find what they are looking for. Customers buying online also have access to businesses worldwide, which means they can find items that they normally would not be able to find in just their local area.

The amount of money being spent online is increasing dramatically each year, and that is why you are reading this. You have probably already seen how successful you can be by owning and running a business online. You can earn substantially more profits simply by using opt in subscribers to your email list.

Building an Opt in list

This is probably the largest concern for business owners online. First, you should begin with the customers you already have, or have had in the past. If you have a good record system you can probably get all of your past customer's email addresses. Use those email addresses and enter them into a program or online service for online newsletters (also known as ezines), and send them all a message asking them to join your opt in email subscriber list.

At the bottom of the message, let them know that if they choose not to subscribe they will not receive another message from you again, unless they visit one of your websites and purchases something. You might want to hire a sales or copywriter to write an irresistible email message for them so you can get the maximum number of opt in subscribers for your opt in email list. With just this alone, you will begin to see your subscriber base begin to grow.

Next you will need to implement some sort of system that allows people the option to subscribe to your email list when they register on your website or websites, when they make a purchase, etc.

Auto Responders And Other Tools You Can Use

Auto responders can be a great asset to you, your business and to building your opt in email list. When someone purchases something from one of your websites offer them a chance to subscribe to your email newsletter/ezine right there on your website. Then, have an auto responder sent out to every customer who purchases something from you. This auto responder should let them know that their order has been processed, when they should expect their order, how they can track their order, and include some information for your business.

You can also give them a second opportunity to subscribe to your email newsletter to help build up your opt in email list. Many will gladly subscribe when they know exactly what they are signing up for. Often, when they are ordering something online they just want to get through the ordering process and know it has been completed. Giving them a second chance to subscribe can mean the difference between more or less subscribers, and therefore more or less profits for you and your online business.

Other Considerations Such As Privacy Policy Etc

People who are considering subscribing to your email list will want to know that you nor anyone in your business are going to use their information for any other purpose other than sending them the newsletter. Create a privacy policy assuring them that you will not sell, rent, give away, or otherwise give out any of their personal information.

Many people will look for this privacy policy to make sure that their information is not going to be used for any other reason, and some will not sign up for your newsletter if you do not have this type of privacy policy available for them to read.
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