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Article Marketing Simplified - It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This

Aug 17, 2007
Making money online does not really get any easier than article marketing. Basically you put up a website on a specific topic and write some content. You can do this with products that you sell yourself or for affiliate products. If you are just starting out it is obviously easiest to use article marketing with affiliate products. Once your site is up you simply write articles that link to your site and submit the articles to article directories just like this one.

What If You Have Very Little Cash

No problem if you little to know money. You can put up a free blog on your desired topic. Blogs are the most desirable kinds of websites. It only takes about 5 minutes to setup a free Blogger blog. Blogger blogs do very well in the search engines anyway because they are owned by Google.

Choosing Keywords for Your Article

The first thing you need to do is choose the right keywords for your article so it will rank well in the search engines. There is a simple free way to determine the keywords you want to use. Go over to inventory.overture.com and put in some keywords that relate to your article. The results that come back will be the number of searches last month on yahoo for the keyword beside each number.

Next you will want to take keywords and put them in Google with quotes around them and find out how many other pages are listed in Google with that exact phrase. Be sure to use the quotes around the phrase though. If results come up that are more than 5,000 then move on as the competition is too high.

There is a great paid tool that you can use that will do both of the above mentioned tactics for you in just minutes. It is called Adword Analyzer. Once you find a keyword phrase that has fewer than 5,000 results in Google then you are halfway there.

The Most Important Part of Your Article

The most important part of your article is the title. You want to include your keywords (that you just searched in Google) in your title. So if your keyword is "Dog Training Tips" then a good title might be "5 Dog Training Tips That Every Dog Owner Should Know"

How to Choose a Niche

There are differing opinions on this but most people agree that it isbest to choose a niche that you are interested in. It will be easier to write articles on topics that you have knowledge of and are interested in then topics that you are not familiar with. But the most important thing is that you choose a niche and start writing and posting your articles to article directories.

The Key to Article Marketing

The blessing of article marketing is that most of the article directories will allow you to put a link or two at the end of your article. Of course you are going to put a link to your new blog. So when someone reads your article they come to the end and think to themselves "I would like to find out more information about this" and since you are going to have a link to your website the natural thing for them to do is the click on your link and go to your blog and hopefully buy the products that you are recommending. See the end of this article for an example of what I just mentioned.

This is the easiest way for anyone to start making money online with little effort and no money. You can do this if you set your mind and heart to it.
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