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How to find a High Profit MLM Opportunity

Aug 17, 2007
Over the years, I have tried a couple of different MLM opportunities and I have to admit, I usually joined because I believed all the hype about huge profits and loved the idea of working from home in my pajamas.

But here's something I realized - you can work just as hard to make $50 as you can to make $500 - it just depends on what you're selling. So let's take a look at a high profit MLM opportunity.

It has become apparent that there are some very important key factors that will absolutely explode your chances of success in this industry...

I have seen too many people try and fail in MLM businesses because they were spending so much on leads and advertising and not making enough in return. Or, they were not spending anything on leads and just annoying their family and friends in an effort to sell their products.

They hop around from one program to the next, hoping to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and looking for a high profit MLM opportunity. Don't make the same mistake that other do about business. A good business opportunity is not a lottery ticket. Building a business takes time and money. Some people have built their fortunes on sweat and hard work. They may not have had a lot of money for flashy sales presentations and advertising ampaigns but they had the time and they invested the time into their business. Your time is valuable and your clients and prospects value their time as well. If you give them the respect that they demand on their time they will appreciate yours. How do we meet both these demands on your time and money?

There is a very simple solution. . . Promote a high-ticket item. It just makes more sense to be making upfront money rather than trying to build a business out of your pocket.

Fact: I would rather make $400 - $800 per customer any day of the week. And it doesn't take a whole lot of action to make a ton of money.

The truth is, it's a numbers game. There are people on every list that will spend several thousand dollars on a business, just like there are people on every list that will spend $50. So who are you looking for? Well you want people who are interested in what services you have to offer. They may want to buy or promote your business to make it their own but they need to have similar values, needs and income as you do.

Perhaps you have found a great opportunity. You might be thinking that everyone you know would love this but they are struggling just like me. They can't afford to buy into the plan. What do I do next? Relax. Then ask someone's opinion that is financially better off than you.

Maybe you know a successful business owner in the community, a doctor, or a lawyer that you know of or by acquaintance. Why? Flattery is a great compliment. They will give you an honest opinion and you will be able to test their reaction. If they ask you if you're trying to sell them something just say know, I don't know anything about sales, I just want your feedback. It's the truth and they will respect you for that.

It is not really any harder to sell a $2000 product than it is to sell a $50 product.

That has been my experience.

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James Ingram is a father of three, living in a small oceanside town on the beautiful Pacific Coast. He and his wife love to travel, which is how they got introduced to their current business. Visit Home Resort Network and Change Your Life today.
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